Back with a Bang.. or something like it ;)

26 08 2013

Folks.. I’m back to writing (i guess so) finally 🙂 lets hope i write pretty much soon 🙂


See you all soon with my next post 🙂

Until then.. please await.. more text coming soon… 😀

I’m sTuCk..! Oh No…!!

25 07 2011

Shakks.. i badly wanna write.. but i’m not able to think about anything that i can write something on.. so i’m writing my thoughts.. whatever i’m thinking this minute is posted here.. Oh Gaawwddd….!! what the hell man.. i’m not able to get a topic.. i found something earlier called fear kills.. but not able to get hold of it effectively.. i have a story too.. maybe two stories.. short ones yeah.. but still.. ok wait lemme tell you the stories..

one is like this: there’s a man who stands outside a village inflicted with cholera.. and cholera (dressed like satan) crosses him and gives him a grin.. this man recognizes it and asks him.. how many did you snatch in that village.. cholera says 10.. this man is puzzled, he’s like but the news reported hundred cases.. then cholera says.. i actually affected only ten.. the rest died of fear..!!

another story is like this (i heard from a friend) a man is blindfolded and thrown into a closed dark room.. the room is actually a maze.. he has to grope his way out.. before throwing him in.. he’s told that the room is totally swampy.. with slush and weeds.. and the slush contains snakes.. he goes in.. and within minutes he shrieks.. after 10 minutes, there’s no movement inside the maze.. people went in and found a rat next to him.. he was actually bitten by a rat.. he mistook it to be a snake bite and died out of fear..!!

tell me now.. these stories aren’t enough to make a post na? hey wait.. the post is over 🙂 i hereby make this a post with two miniature stories 🙂

so fear kills.. dont be scared.. no point running away from the Lion and getting trapped with hyenas.. the lion maybe Simba with timon and Pumba 🙂 ok i’ll stop here due to FEAR of getting beaten up..! no.. i’m not scared.. if i were i wouldn’t have written this whole load of messed sentences 🙂

hehe.. THE END 🙂

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