3 08 2011


This post is about what happens around you when you are depressed.. a quick view of the energies around us from a higher view-point ( I mean it’ll look like we are viewing the whole thing from a higher point of view like say the 4th floor of a building)

Base of the post:

I’m angry and upset.. I feel like the whole world has turned its back on me.. from morning, whatever I did only became messy.. how much ever attention I gave it, it only aided in making my day worse.. the amount of documentation I did in office was herculean.. but what did I get in return? Rework..! since the client side documentation format was different.. I had to redo a whole set of 15 different technical documents.. 2 of my team mates (out of 5 where the other 2 apart from me consist of my manager and senior manager) are on leave.. I can’t even get even moral support from anyone leave alone help.. I can’t help but sulk with my work and snap at people around me who belong to other teams.. how will they know what I’m going through? God Damn some of them are leaving by 6 30 bus.. I can’t even think of catching the cab at 9.

State of my mind:

Totally irritable.. feels like a live wire.. I’ll burn anything that approaches me to ashes..

My reactions to people around me:

I sulk while working.. I’m irritated with the squiggly red line MS office displays when I get a typo.. someone calls me for a break, I snap at them saying they don’t realize how much I’m stuck with this darn work.. I get hungry because my brain is at work copy pasting stuff from the previous copy I had drafted earlier. I get up push my chair, curse my side draw and frown at a colleague who tries to look at me.. and storm out of the ODC.

How my state of mind affects people around me: (View from somewhere above all this)

imagine that you and I are looking down at this entire scene from 2 floors above.. (we can look thru walls since its our imagination) I frown and snap at the colleague who called me for a break.. she feels odd.. since its not very normal for me to behave that way.. she gives me back a harder frown and leaves (she may have also been through a rough day)

my negative feeling affected her even more.. it made her feel worse.. now the fact that my snapping at her affected her is like a stone thrown into a pond of still water.. it makes many ripples.. some of them come back to me making me feel worse..

on the contrary, if I had obliged cheerfully, she would have felt good and her happiness would have flowed back to me when we shared a few minutes over coffee.. but certainly I would have felt better and who knows.. I could have asked her to spend time near my PC, so that I can chat while doing my work, which will not seem so burdensome.


State of depression is nothing but a bunch of negative thoughts which we cling on to because we want to justify to our self that there is a reason that we are feeling sad.. and we hold on to it for so long and so much that it affects us so badly that we forget that we can actually let go of it and feel better.

there was a mail forward that I came across.. a man who addressed the public.. he told a joke, people laughed.. he kept on repeating it so many times that after a while no one wanted to laugh and some started giving him quizzical looks.. He spoke saying, how is it that we are not able to laugh over 1 joke again and again but we are able to hold on to one failure and weep over it for a lifetime??

Our negative thoughts (being sad.. anger.. anything) are like stones thrown into still water..  the more we throw negative stones, more negative ripples are created and it not only disturbs the pond, it also affects the shores of the pond.. our mind is like the pond of still water and the thoughts are like the stones.. if we throw stones of negative thoughts, it affects us and people around us negatively.. if we throw positive stones, positive thoughts and feelings come back to us.. so never let negative thoughts enter the pond.. even if they do, do your best to replace it with some or other form of positive thoughts.

Morning sightings

26 07 2011

Early morning, while we rush to catch the bus to college / office is the time one gets to see all types of sightings on the road.. great fun it is to see all this (not when running to catch your bus.. that is the time for others to laugh at you.. after you have gotten into your bus, you can laugh at others)

top sightings are as follows..

girls with open hair which is half wet..

guys talking on their phones..

colorful flashing tee shirts girls and guys alike..

people running around to catch the bus with laptop bags or lunch bags..

people standing (read cramped into i foot space between hundreds of legs, balancing not to fall off the foot board) in the overcrowded bus

the blessed ones who got a seat, taking a short nap

those jabbering on the phone inside and outside the bus..

the couples standing cuddled up while waiting for the bus..

different varieties of clothes in all sizes and shapes and colors..

bus drivers blasting each other in the traffic..

people who cross the road after signal turns green..

there are many more… but I’ll stop here.. because office is a long drive away and I’m going to join the blessed group to take a nap 🙂

The Sun will shine.

4 04 2010

The SUN has no weekdays weekends. no matter what happens, he shines everyday. whether he likes it or not, he does his duty untiringly, unconditionally!

whether he has clear surroundings or dark clouds lurking to hide his efforts, he does not let go of his hope. again the sun shines. from behind those dark clouds no matter how long it takes for the clouds to clear, he shines again as beautifully as ever.

even when storms rage, he waits with intense faith that the dark times will come to a close and he can shine brightly..!

Lesson: No matter what happens to you and around you, everything is just like the clouds. It will pass. we are all SUNs given by nature to shine upon the earth, and we will take all efforts and persevere to shine as beautifully as the SUN.

We can not wake ppl who act like they are sleeping…!!

21 01 2010

Here again i’m penning about irresponsible “Grown ups” damn we’ve become so careless.. we care for just nothing at all. as the saying goes, one can just not wake a person who’s faking to be asleep. Ok this is something i noticed and it disturbed me. I cant go and stop anyone or teach at least i can express what i feel at least make people who read this think even if not do.

All rest rooms at least in corporate organisations, provide a tissue roll. I’m not detailing on what that tissue is used for but on how carelessly its wasted. If you see the image there, the tissue from the roll is hanging till the floor, little do we realize that the next person who walks into the toilet expects the same hygiene like we do..

What does the next person do, he/she will tear the roll till where ever its exposed, discard it and use some more at their convenience. Now that much amount of paper tissue is wasted. We campaign all over the country “Save trees save trees” and what are we doing to save them actually? aiding in cutting more? there’s no point planting a sapling when we are indirectly cutting the trees.
Fine thats personal hygiene now take a look the picture in the top left corner. That is a dust bin and now if you take a closer look, there’s the same tissue lying there wasted. Its lying there as neat as it was when in the roll, not used, not even crumpled! what i’m trying to say is, tissue is not something you just rip an throw whilst doing what you went inside for. Its kept there with a purpose. if its not of use to you, don’t waste it. Some one else can make use of it if you don’t! its not your duty to rip and throw it there every time you visit the place. If your using it at least to wipe your hand, its fine. Don’t mindlessly waste!
I cant stop any of you out there from using or wasting tissue, thats perfectly up to you. But at least take a minute and give it a thought.

Healthy Corporate

14 01 2010

The scenario:

Alarm goes “wee wee wee wee” one eye opens, finds the mobile hits the snooze button
– 15 mins –
Alarm goes “wee wee wee wee” one eye opens, Oh Monday mornings! and its 6:15 already??
reluctantly we get up, swear at the tooth brush while brushing, write on water “i will work out tomorrow morning” shower, nibble food, rush to catch the commuter. and after a great deal of road, office is reached.
Its darjeeling once we step into the main doors. Thanks to them, at least the WC’s don’t have a split AC. we don’t feel thirsty in the pleasant temperature because all we do is SIT, sit,Sit and sIt. The cafeteria, mmm such an inviting place in any corporate organisation so many items to munch at affordable prices and all that they do is drain everyone’s salary by FILLING their stomachs. The kinda food and junk available there, pulls us nose first and we crave to into eating our own way to capsules and bankruptcy. But its such a happening place throughout the day. andso all that we do is, sit eat EAT siT Eat SiT sIt eAt, bloat like a balloon and then say, travel too tedious, work pressure etc which are only 10% of the cause.
Even though organisations provide a gym, its a forgotten place for 90% people because of “work” which accounts to seeking advice from the God Father “Guru-Google” We end up huddled for hours in the rotating chair bent in front of the PC and at the end of the day, end up with a backache and neck pain.
/* the above text conforms to ANSI standards*/
some suggestions:
* wake once the alarm rings without snoozing it whereby u need not bathe in 2 mins.. u can take 5 mins (3 extra)
* after nibbling food, take some fruit say a banana or apple or atleast a glass of milk or buttermilk or worst case water.
* walk at least 10steps every 1 hour! DO NOT STAY GLUED TO YOUR CHAIR! No one is gonna steal it.
* picking up waste paper from the floor is not a sin, your back gets relaxed. breathe long and deep to feel at ease always.
* even if you have to visit the rest room now and then, DRINK WATER. at least for the fresh and free feeling.
* most cafeterias provide stalls of all kinds. eat well thats no issue at least in this blog, but eat so that your able to get up and walk around comfortably.
* add fruit juices to your meal when ever possible.
* staircases do exist in buildings. no harm climbing 2 floors even if not 12.
feel free to add more in the comments section.
Take care all!

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