Puppy Love

21 09 2011

duke and dusky were neighbors.. they’ve known each other for quite sometime now.. duke has been living there ever since he was born.. and dusky’s folks moved in a few years back.. they have been best of friends ever since.. it was an everyday ritual to go for an evening walk around the park.. it is the most enjoyable thing.. they get to meet their friends golden roz, daisy, tuna, mike, sully and many others.. they all play and then return home after about a while..

But today was different.. the climate was misty so no one came to the park.. it was noon time.. duke had finished his lunch and was pondering outside his house.. occasionally taking glances at dusky’s window.. over time, he has realized that his feeling for dusky was more than being neighbors or friends… he was in love.. and his opinion, today was the best day to declare it.. the climate was romantic and dusky was very happy in the morning when he saw her…

the sun climbed down from the sky.. and evening was setting in.. as always dusky came and both of them strode away from the apartments towards the park… as expected by duke, the other friends had not turned up.. both of them enjoyed running and breathing the fresh evening air for a while.. then as running slowed down to a brisk stride.. duke decided to make use of the opportunity.. as they crossed a private bend.. he said “Woof woof woof woof…woooooooo” dusky was overwhelmed with joy… she also barked “woof woooooo” and both of them “woooood” in unison and fell over each other licking madly in joy..

in the mean time, it started getting dark.. so they walked back home… and ever since, the walk in the park never remained the same..

Upon setting my eyes on that *Flower*…!

30 08 2011

It dawned today.. another beautiful day.. as ravishing as it could be… the bright sun painting everything around in bright bold colors.. i got outta bed and walked across my room to the window.. and witnessed the most beautiful thing i had ever seen in that place.. in my opinion it was by far the best creation of the lord almighty.. and most beautiful real life painting painted ever so strikingly by the sun.

I quickly showered and dressed up.. and ran (read flew) to that place… and there stood the most admirable creation.. i went near and circled.. buzzed a little.. hovered to the top… smelt the mesmerizing fragrance.. smiled at the flower and sat on it.. and collected honey.. wished to myself (only if my wife looked so cute) and flew back to the hive.. for today was a busy day.. i had to visit other flowers and collect honey… but still i made a mental note to come by this one whenever possible today…!

The Sun will shine.

4 04 2010

The SUN has no weekdays weekends. no matter what happens, he shines everyday. whether he likes it or not, he does his duty untiringly, unconditionally!

whether he has clear surroundings or dark clouds lurking to hide his efforts, he does not let go of his hope. again the sun shines. from behind those dark clouds no matter how long it takes for the clouds to clear, he shines again as beautifully as ever.

even when storms rage, he waits with intense faith that the dark times will come to a close and he can shine brightly..!

Lesson: No matter what happens to you and around you, everything is just like the clouds. It will pass. we are all SUNs given by nature to shine upon the earth, and we will take all efforts and persevere to shine as beautifully as the SUN.


5 03 2010

Hold it hold it… by no means its close your eyes..think of deepika padukone/hrithik.. and breathe deeply… sssiiiggghhhh!! This is real meditation!!

The following was my status a few days back..

“smile is the best reaction to any given situation” I had one of my friends pass a comment on this “ try smiling when someone showers you with a rain of bullets!” ok this is in no connection with meditation.. anyways..

Meditation is just about blanking your mind off all thoughts and sitting blank whilst breathing deeply whereby relaxing and reenergizing your mind and body. Now the blanking your mind part is the most challenging.. the rest will fall in place automatically.

Ok trials:

sit up straight take a deep breath.. hello..? I mean it. sit up.. take a breath…! Now breathe out calm… ok now stop thinking about your boss, about your siblings, spouse, child, etc, etc, bus travel, sleep, yawn…! hello hello.. we are not going this way and sleeping we are trying to blank the mind..

Fine fine.. I know what you are feeling this minute.. I am not crapping or making a fool of you.. fine try it yourself.. blanking is not possible the first time.. it will come along eventually. For beginning, lets try something light.. try turning on some soothing light music.. if you are at office.. try to imagine that everyone around you is miming and the volume is muted.. funny isn’t it? To see everyone miming?

Ok now.. breathe deeply and close your eyes.. think of the setting sun.. slowly breathe out.. breathe in again… ok how many of us have a goal here? (please note, I am strictly not talking about a football goal). Ok goal or no goal.. we all aspire to have a bright future don’t we? So think of the bright sun, imagine it’s a small glowing ball in between your eyebrows.. do you get a tingly feeling? Good we are already improving..

Now try imagining this small sun between your eyebrows when ever your restless.. While doing this.. breathe slowly, deeply.. retain this for 2 mins initially.. then increase the time.. even if the ball of sun refuses to come.. don’t stop breathing.. just keep breathing in and out.. slowly deeply.. after about 5 in’s and out’s assuming that you were breathing with your eyes closed, open the eyes slowly and rub your entire face with your palms.. there you go.. as fresh as the sun.. ready to shine..

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