That walk in the beach

29 09 2011

we were driving along the beach road in besent nagar.. woha.. it was an amazing evening.. calm and peaceful.. yeah we chose to drive on a government holiday when most people will be indoors watching TV..

splendid it was.. when we parked the car and took a walk inside the beach.. bare foot.. holding hands.. feeling the breeze ruffle through the locks of my hair was an awesome feeling.. and so was the feeling of sand between my toes… we were talking about those times when we were a young couple.. it was in 1960 when we were married.. I was a 17 yr old then… dint know what it took to manage a family… and now? look at me.. I have grand children..

how much ever things have changed around us.. I’m so glad that, still sometimes He treats me like That 17-year-old whom he married years back.. on and on we walked till it became dark… but it was just 7Pm.. we had asked people at home not to expect us before 8.. it is our anniversary today… so we sat by the waters.. and spoke of the green patches of our life together.. how we stood for each other even when we fought over ┬áthe tiniest things…

then he got up.. gave me a hand to get up.. we stood near the water my head resting on his shoulder.. His arm around my waist…and slowly we walked back to the car.. I just dint want the evening to come to an end.. I was hoping with all I ever had that life had a pause button.. so that I could freeze this minute and cherish it for the rest of my life…

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