Puppy Love

21 09 2011

duke and dusky were neighbors.. they’ve known each other for quite sometime now.. duke has been living there ever since he was born.. and dusky’s folks moved in a few years back.. they have been best of friends ever since.. it was an everyday ritual to go for an evening walk around the park.. it is the most enjoyable thing.. they get to meet their friends golden roz, daisy, tuna, mike, sully and many others.. they all play and then return home after about a while..

But today was different.. the climate was misty so no one came to the park.. it was noon time.. duke had finished his lunch and was pondering outside his house.. occasionally taking glances at dusky’s window.. over time, he has realized that his feeling for dusky was more than being neighbors or friends… he was in love.. and his opinion, today was the best day to declare it.. the climate was romantic and dusky was very happy in the morning when he saw her…

the sun climbed down from the sky.. and evening was setting in.. as always dusky came and both of them strode away from the apartments towards the park… as expected by duke, the other friends had not turned up.. both of them enjoyed running and breathing the fresh evening air for a while.. then as running slowed down to a brisk stride.. duke decided to make use of the opportunity.. as they crossed a private bend.. he said “Woof woof woof woof…woooooooo” dusky was overwhelmed with joy… she also barked “woof woooooo” and both of them “woooood” in unison and fell over each other licking madly in joy..

in the mean time, it started getting dark.. so they walked back home… and ever since, the walk in the park never remained the same..

The Trance

6 09 2011

Latha and Uma are friends… they were in Uma’s house that afternoon and Uma was sitting with her canvas and brush.. there was nothing in particular that she wanted to paint.. so she was just making random strokes.. Latha was sitting on the Swing which was some few feet away from the canvas…

Uma: Latha.. Hey.. come here.. these strokes have come out roughly like a face. come sit here for a minute, I think i can enhance the features and make it look like a girl’s face.

Latha comes and sits beside the canvas and Uma continues with her brush. and after a few corrections, the sketch indeed looked like a face.. big expressive eyes, bold eyebrows to add.. Uma now proceeds to shape a bindhi on the forehead which is complemented with ebony black silky hair…

she loses herself in thoughts while sketching the bindhi.. and the sketch comes out to look like Shiva… Uma is startled.. the turbulence in her heart is inexplicable.. she’s lost in love for Shiva.. but He is not aware.. or He is aware and does not show it.. Why does He do it..? why cant He accept me as his consort?

Then a loud round of applause breaks.. and only then I return to my senses… the dancer’s expressions had gripped me firmly and i was lost in a trance.. she made me experience the same feeling the nayika of the song was experiencing..

Mohamaana Yen Meedhil, nee indha velayil | modi seyyalamo yen Swami, nee metha ||
Naagariga-maana, thiru nagaril vaasare | Bhoga thyagesa, anubutham seyya vaa kitta ||

Kaagaz ki Kashthi

19 08 2011

This story is about me.. i’m Sonu a girl of 23.. I live in Rajkot district of gujrat with my 3 yearold son.. my in laws are in the lilapur village which is some 5 hours from here.. my mother and father live there too.. I live here with my husband Amol who is now away on a trade.. he left 6 weeks back.. and has still not returned… today is 25/04/1960.. and i still await his return sitting at the doorstep holding in my hand the worn inland letter that i received 3 weeks back from him… this piece of paper the first ever letter that he has written to me ever.. it is the most precious thing to me.. i hold it very close to my heart… i read it over 30 times a day even when i know it word for word.. even Anil here knows it well.. since I read it out to him when he eats and it’s time for him to sleep.. and once he has slept.. I lay down beside the lamp and hold the letter out and read it and read it.. again and again till I fall asleep.. and dream of my handsome..

Pyare sonu,

We are in bhavnagar now.. so far we have sold only few of the goods that we brought from home.. Soon after we find a steady channel to sell our goods regularly, we hope to return.
Missing the warmth of our home, the aroma of the food that you make for me with love.. and little anil’s naughty pranks..

Hope you both are doing well.. please go to mamma’s ghar when you feel lonely here.. I’m very sorry for leaving you all alone in the city and coming for trade.

Missing your sweet smile and comforting words… hoping to return home soon.. take care sonu..

Yours forever,

And suddenly I wake up only to find out that once again I was only dreaming of holding his hand and going to the temple nearby.. only dreaming that anil was crying and his loving father was comforting him with funny pranks.. only dreaming that amol was quietly sneaking behind me to see what was cooking on the fire.. only dreaming that it was raining in the neighborhood and he was comforting anil and me from the lightning and thunder dancing scarily around the area.. only dreaming that amol was humming along with me, my favorite tune from chalthi ka naam gaadi.. and so, yet another day has dawned for me to hold on to the kaagaz ki kashthi.. that letter which HE wrote to me and await his return.

Circle of Love

28 07 2011

She had a bond with me that was totally unbreakable.. she was my best of friends.. I used to accompany her everywhere.. and then came a time when she found a new friend.. someone who occupied her whole day.. she was left with very little time for me now.. I was so heartbroken.. and then she introduces the friend to me.. I was shattered.. slowly the friend occupied her days entirely.. there were days when we both spent time mindlessly chatting.. now she hardly has time to say good day.. I was so shaken that I told this to him.. and he said, it’s about time.. I was caught by surprise.. to that he said.. our daughter has chosen well.

I waited and waited for her to return only to tell her our decision and kiss her to sleep, and all I did was only wait longer.. and finally she came with him laughing cheerfully.. she was surprised that I was waiting.. and dint know what to say.. she said.. “amma”

I waved goodbye to him along with her.. smiling brightly.. and asked her about him.. she hesitated.. I smiled.. she said ma I …. him.. I said, I know.. she said amma…? I said appa and I have spoken.. and if you wish to, we are game.. happiness gleamed in her eyes.. she was in all smiles totally caught by surprise.. she ran to the road and yelled deii…

He came running and barked loudly and licked my feet.. I picked him up and my 4-year-old smiled brightly.. she said amma I call him tom.. I said OK let us clean him and make a kennel for him tomorrow.. can we get some rest now?

Har ek bahu, ek din saas banegi (marumagalum oru naal mamiyar aaval)

10 07 2011

Title kum story kum sathyama endha sambandhamum illa… just because there is an MIL and DIL in my story.. the title is this.

ok so there is an MIL and DIL.. and as usual (mega serial la vara mari) they both fight over everything and nothing.

seri, rendu per kum per veppom.. MIL peru Suryamukhi (mukhi nu vechipom) DIL peru, Chandramukhi (chandra). chandra km mukhi kum always dishum dishoom than.. chandra okkandha thappu, ninna thappu.. ipdi okkandha thappu apdi okkandha thappu according to mukhi since chandra was not living upto her EXPECTATIONS.. chandra was always sad because of this.. avanga veetla rani mari valandha ponnu, inga vandhu thittu vangikkitu irundha… she dint know what to do since what ever she did went ONLY in the wrong perspective to mukhi.

namma sad chandra went to talk to her mom about this.. her mother asked her to adjust with hwe MIL and make her husband and MIL happy.. appo anga avanga mama vandharu. indha prechanaya kettutu oru vazhi pannuvom nu sonnaru.

MASTER PLAN: (mama + chandra’s mom)

he takes a box and fills it with ajinomoto (taste maker) this matter is unknown to chandra..

he hands her the box and tells her that it is poison powder(slow poison). he tells her, everyday while cooking add a pinch of this powder in the end.. but oru condition.. you should cook the food with enormous love for your husband and MIL. how much ever you get shouted at, just dont take it to heart.. cook everyday with looootttssss of love.. and serve them with love.. dont forget this powder.. eventually your MIL will attain “shiva loka prapthi” then you can be happy with your husband.

chandra claps in joy.. andha powder eduthutu sandoshama veetuku vara.. and religiously she follows her mama’s words.. she happily cooks everyday with great love, adds the powder and serves with love and joy..

as days went by, the love she showered in the food, flowed and reached the MIL’s heart ad she was in all praises for chandra all over the neighborhood. also chandra started liking her very much and ippo she was feeling bad that mukhi will be leaving them because of that poison powder (ajinomoto)

she runs to her mama and narrates the same.. her mother and mama smile at chandra’s innocence and tell her the truth about the poison powder actually being aginomoto.. and chandra heaves a sigh of relief..

from then on, she continued to shower loads of love to all that she did and namma chandra, mukhi and chandra’s husband lived happily ever after.

MORAL: Our thoughts have effect on all that we do.. positive thoughts affect our work positively apam negative thoughts…? adha pathi namma yen pesanum 🙂

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