Riches, a deadly temptation..!

20 07 2011

This is another old story which is worth being told again!

disclaimer: the characters mentioned below are imaginary, any resemblance to any living person is purely coincidental.

By the waters of Aalapuzha lived 2 families whose sole bread earning profession was fishing. Ajeev joseph and johnny mathew religiously go to the waters everyday and fish together and sell it in the market. at the end of the day, they divide the share equally and take it home. Yet what sandra joseph was unable to comprehend was the fact that despite getting the same amount of money at the end of each day, how lilly and johnny mathew are able to be so happy?

lilly’s house was always flooded with friends and relatives.. the fun they all had while partying every night by the bonfire they lit near their hut which was by the shore knew no bounds.. at the end of all the singing dancing and cracking jokes, somehow lilly managed to feed everyone who had come with rice and fish which was fried in an abundance of coconut oil..

But sandra who also received the same sum of money never had satisfaction. she never had money for fun, to go out, to invite people for food, to be contented. she envied the mathew family.

One such night, her curiosity got the better of her and she secretly slipped out of her house to watch what the mathews and people were doing and how did lilly manage the money.. to her surprise, lilly got not a penny more than what sandra had gotten from her man. she divided the sum of 15 rupees into 2 parts. 7 rupees for buying food for tomorrow morning, 8 rupees for enjoying tonight. then jhonny took the 8 ruppes and brought fish and food for all of them.. then the clapping and cheering continued till dawn..

sandra went back home and narrated this to ajeev and he is left quite surprised at the fact that how can lilly and johnny be so happy without having any concerns about the future? how can they be so care free without saving any money for tomorrow? they came up with an idea.. sandra and ajeev made a kizhi (small pocket) and filled it with coins to sum up to 97 rupees. they left this kizhi at the doorstep of the mathew’s before the sunrise.

lilly came out next morning to find this bag.. and she was surprised and elated that Jesus had blessed them with a fortune.. she was elated.. but she did not share the news with sandra. that night when johnny came, they divided the money into 3 parts instead of 2.. to save 4 rupees and make the 97 as 101 coins. slowly they started keeping more and more in the bag.. since they had some, they wanted to make it more.. and slowly they were tempted to save more and more.. and all the celebration vanished.. they only spent what was just enough for the 2 of them and saved the rest.. slowly the 101 became 150.. and within no time they had 300.. but their happiness, the fun they had, the contentment and satisfaction were all gobbled by the temptation which that bag of 97 rupees gave them..!

Man made money.. money makes man mad…!!

the temptation that money gives us to gain more and raise the standard of living, is like an itch that gets interesting as you scratch and changes its location on you as each place you scratch turns red with irritation…!!


18 07 2011

I read this story in a mail forward and it totaly moved me…! I dint find the original copy so i’m penning it on my own since I remember every bit of that short story..

Scene 1: its 9 Pm and Ramu is at his residence cutting beans for the next day’s cooking helping his wife while he’s watching TV and listening to his wife (Viji) who was telling him what happened during the day.. his 2 year old daughter (Meena) had just slept after playing with daddy and his 8 year old son (Guna) was doing his home work.

Ramu works at an MNC not as someone who does coding.. but as the person who cleans the tables. yes he’s part of the house keeping section of the MNC. Viji is a home maker and she does odd jobs in two to three houses there by adding money for rotation in apart from the meager 4500 rupees that Ramu earns.

Despite the fact that Ramu and Viji literally fight 30 days a month for 1 square meal, they make sure their kids get what they need even if they dont get what they want.

Scene 2: Guna is done with his homework and comes running to his dad and hugs him and asks him what happened in office today. Guna after a while says,

G: “Appa, i want a cake”

R: “seri vangi tharen” (ok i’ll buy for you)

G: “Appa, not one piece.. yenakku oru round cake venum pa”

R: expressionless (a full cake… its something he cant even dream of affording)

G: appa i had been to sekar’s house appa.. avan oda birthday-a so enna kooptu irundhan pa.. avan oru round pink cake vechi cut pannan pa.. yenakkum adutha masam happy birthday varudhu le? please appa… yenakkum venum pa…

R: Baffled.. but since he dint want to disappoint his son then and there.. he said “pakalam da kanna.. ippo poi thungiko.. odu”

G: happily went to bed

Ramu talks with Viji until the day’s work is over in the kitchen and they both retire for the day

Scene 3: Next day in office:

its lunch break and its almost drawing to a close around 2 45.. the tables are almost empty and and hence, ramu sits in a corner and ponders over the cake guna had asked for..

Suddenly there are loud noises in the cafe.. one group is celebrating someone’s birthday.. the noise continues to the “happy birthday song” people chase one another.. they all eat some cake and then leave..

dutifully Ramu goes to the spot to clean the mess the group had created by throwing on each other and playing with THAT CAKE which RAMU could not even DREAM OF AFFORDING for HIS SON GUNA.

Water the elixir of life..!

7 07 2011

This post is an excerpt from a speech i heard ages back..

like we’ve all read before, we can go without food but without water we cant live more than 3 days..

ok now to the topic.. the speech i heard then was in no connection with  water whatsoever.. the topic of the speech was general health. this particular example that was brought out during the course of the speech is what attracted me.

how many of us consciously drink those 8 glasses of water during the day to keep up our body’s fluid balance? 2% of us? ok our lady in the example is also one among us (98% people). she was travelling in a bus for a vacation with her family.. it was a loooong stretch of road and it was excessively hot that afternoon. like all busses, that bus stopped in the middle with fumes rising from the carburetor due to the heat. our lady got a little panicky and went near the driver and inquired about the fumes.. the driver explained the heat and the necessity of filling the carburetor with water.

back in her seat our lady starts pondering on the previous day’s happenings when it suddenly struck her that she had not taken even a sip of water from when she had started from home (averagely 7 hours back) and on an instinct she imagined herself to be the bus – bursting into fumes because her system gets heated up.. well now she gets the point that the body’s tender fluid balance has to be kept.. otherwise our inner systems will also get heated up and may even stop functioning.

it is not necessary that we wait to become thirsty.. we have to keep a bottle and sip water every 10 to 15 mins once. so that we maintain the fluid balance in our body.

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