Vishama Kaara Kannan Arrived 1 day in Advance…!

27 08 2013

Advance Happy Krishna Jayanthi / Janmashtami to all the buddies out there..! 🙂

Now hows that possible? Naliki thane Krishna ku Happy Birthday?? how come the advance wishes…

Here is the What? Why? How? When? and Where? of the Happennings today…

Scene 1: Tick tick click tick click click- me in morning shift Office –  Called amma to put mokkai -the wake up call to correct the bad looks before other colleagues in regular shift come and check out my sleepy beauty – Amma enna ma pannara, cheedai thattai murukku ellam panna start pannitiya?

Amma: yenga Un ponnu pannara attagasathula.. enna panna theriyuma??? and the augh riot begins i’m laughing and rolling and laughing harder and harder.. as my mom rants away about my little Nik was rolling out her mischevious acts one by one…!!

Scene at home: Nik wakes up as soon as i left for my shift – mom: Oh adadadada murukku plan poche..! – regular work starts feed the kid – clean her – run with her – clean the peepee and other mess  – clean her – feed her – routine..

mom gives her a bath, dresses her up and turns to the vessels in the sink – Nik runs and grabs the aavin butter box – quietly (with all the jal jal of the thandai some giggles and a lot of kid language) “quietly” comes out of the kitchen checking whether my mom noticed her.. the minute my mom turned, she ran with the butter – butter slipped and fell – she runs to grab it – the butter slips from inside the box and falls outside – she slips and falls – mom to chase the butter – nik to run home into the kitchen grabbing the butter box – and “thump” she sat near the arisi mavu ulundhu mavu mixture kept for the cheedai stuff..

dips her hand into the lot and smears it on the face.. takes some and spreads it in the floor – some lands on her head and some everywhere – mom coming back with the butter – semma shock about the white creature sitting there covered in on the floor covered flour dust on and around her..

Entry dad after hs bath – nik runs to him and hugs his legs with all might – his legs are white with flour now – she giggles and walks away happily – Dad runs to catch her and give her a second bath and to get a shower again for himself

Moral: Vishama kaara Kannan has arrived…!!!

That Chor came to my house yesterday

22 08 2011

Was it only the makkhan that was stolen or her heart was stolen too?
Was makkhan smeared only on her face when HE tried to wriggled out of her clutches or was her heart too smeared with some of it?
Was only the pot of makkhan broken when He tried to run away or her heart broke too?

Still, she goes running behind that makhan chor (read chittha chor) while he goes to hide behind his mother(read blessed yashodha ma) and tell her maiyya, i dint steal it maiyya she fed it to me.. and when the pot slipped from her hand, i got scared and i came running and she’s chasing me blaming that i broke her pot and stole her makkhan.. yashodha maiyya laughs at the gopika.. and again she loses to kanhaiyya’s pranks and returns to her house to make more makkhan hoping kanhaiyya will come by again…!

Was it only the makkhan that melted or did her heart melt too?

Yeah, the same Kanhaiyya the Makkhan chor.. the chittha chor.. the madhav.. the gopalak.. the muralidhar.. the ghansham.. the same natkhat krishna 🙂 HE came to my house yesterday.. He ate butter and the other stuff that I had made for Him 🙂 and tell you what? the preparations tasted extra good because kanhaiyya had eaten it first 🙂


Makkhan: Butter
Chor: thief
maiyya: mother
Kanhaiyya – Krishna
makkhan chor: one who steals butter
Chittha Chor: one who steals our heart
Madhav: another name of Krishna
Gopalak: one who cares for the Cows
Muralidhar: one who has the flute
Ghanshyam: the dark complexioned
natkhat: naughty


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