Dear child..

11 10 2011

As I walk over the wet sands today.. it all comes back to me.. those wonderful morning walks that we had together.. discussing subjects of common interest.. admiring the rising sun flooding everything around us with its golden red gleaming light..

how we used to run till we were outta breath trying our best to outrun each other and end up laughing.. how we used to forget everything around us and watch the endless waves sitting on the rocks.. how you used to shake me awake on the cold January mornings and pull me to along for the jog..

how much I miss you today is just inexplicable.. you are not around to push me outta bed.. not here to crack jokes when I’m angry.. not here to fight with me for the TV remote..  not here to jump and grab my supper and taste it just to see if there was anything special in mine that was not in yours…

it’s a pain to see you each day.. talk to you.. but not be able to feel your physical presence around me.. it’s a pain when I’m not able to shout out to you just for you to come and turn on the fan for me.. it’s a pain that I’m being constrained to one spot to see you and talk.. lest I’ll move out of your frame… an inexplicable pain for every mom and dad.. whose daughter or son is  not in the same place as they are, either studying or working or married…

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