First Seat in the Bus… Fun…?

24 07 2011

Haiyyaa… bus la first seat… is it really worth this hype? actually.. sitting in the first seat will give you a handle to the driver’s brain (harry’s handle to you-know-who’s thoughts and stuff) you can feel what the driver feels…

let me tell you how..

the road ahead is empty for several meters… there’s no traffic… the driver goes at  20 Km/Hr and gets on your nerves.. we’ll feel like snatching the accelerator from him and giving it a hard push… why we ask.. thrill they say

the road is super crowded.. ahead of you within a meter’s distance is another bus’ rear.. our driver accelerates at 40 Km/Hr.. just to go closer to that bus and break… why we ask.. thrill they say

special occasions: we are on a moderately busy road and a biker comes along.. instantly our driver feels like his hands are dipped in boiling hot water… he accelerates and goes dangerously near the biker.. and a race starts.. Why we ask.. thrill they say

another notable occasion: we are on a moderately busy road and a biker comes along this time with a person of the opposite sex behind him.. could be a small girl, his GF, Sister, Mother, Elder woman, Grandmother, older woman.. can be ANYONE.. now our driver gets even more exited.. its accelerates so much that the lady freaks out and the biker parks anywhere on the left end and gets some calm..!! why we ask.. thrill they say!

going zig zig zaag like a cyclist is also on of the bus driver’s main items on the agenda.. also driving anywhere that doesn’t fall under the road criteria, scaring the pedestrians is a notable activity.. why we ask.. thrill they say

Govt buses do some of the above, not all… since they have a unique activity to do.. push the people hanging near the foot board by breaking now and then…  but the college buses, office buses stick to the entire curriculum without fail..!


21 07 2011

Yes you read it right.. i certainly am asking you to breathe.. by this word, i do not refer to the involuntary inhale exhale that we do in order to exist.. we all need to breathe some life into the monotonous inhale exhale. only then can we make use of our lung capacity to the fullest. most of us why all of us make use of less than one tenth of our lung’s average capacity.

why this pathetic state:

1. we are too busy to pay attention to breathing.. well its such a silly activity.. the person who sits aside and takes time for himself.. and claims to be breathing (unless he has code named it pranayama) will be laughed at even by kids. well pranayama is no big deal.. it is the art of breathing and enjoying the process of breathing. and yeah pranayama has much more.. it helps the practitioner cleanse his / her respiratory system. now lets not go into that art form.. lets stick to the topic of this post.

2. breathing happens automatically.. why get so serious? well yeah thanks to nature that the breathing process is automated. lest the human race would have ceased to exist centuries ago.

ok so breathing is just inhale exhale.. now why are you making such a deal out of it? is there anything extra? any new method? inhale thru the eyes.. exhale thru the the toes??

YES.. breathing in not just inhale exhale.. there is a lot more.. and NO new method. we have to enjoy the process of breathing.. there is a saying that while we were created, mother earth did not say, we’ll live for so many days.. mother earth said.. you’ll live until you inhale and exhale so many times.. (please don’t beat me.. it may be true)

so whats the hurry to leave the earth guys?? slow and steady wins the race right? so breathe slowly and steadily.. enjoy atleast 5 deeeeeppppp in’s and out’s each day.. lemme tell you outta experience that its a pleassure.. try it..

but yeah one more point to note.. no tummy breathing allowed here..i’m by no way telling that tummy breathing is nice..

what is tummy breathing: breathe in.. tummy expands.. air escapes thru the food pipe.. only half or less goes to the lungs.. rest goes to the tummy and comes out.. wasted.. one tip to avoid it.. place your palm on the tummy and monitor it while breathing.. if your hand does not go in out in out.. you win 🙂

So Breathe slowly.. think steadily.. and live happily.. 🙂

P.S: its a very good anger controlling mechanism too 🙂 when ever your in fits of anger.. just take 4 or 5 rounds.. anger will decrease.. and in the mean time your energy will also have a clear boost (2 in 1) 🙂

Enjoying the Little things…

1 04 2010

Enjoying the little things in life 🙂

Happiness is not about big victory, party, winning the medal and so forth. its about all the small things that make the big stuff happen. if happiness were to be defined only by the big stuff, then the happy times or minutes can be counted. each of us wont even have a handfull of them.

Its not about that. happiness comes out of the small things like your everyday bus stop friend giving you a smile that lasted 2 seconds longer than usual? that would definaely add more warmth and meaning to your smile too! or say the bus driver stopped exactly near you? Thats lukcy aint it? and makes us smile with a surprise..! not only this every thing around us contribute equally.. just look around ? (if ur at ur work place, even then)

when your outside.. just enjoy the breeze.. even if its the hottest afternoon, if we feel it, there will be a small bit of coolness in that air.. the freshness a flower carries when it blooms..? smile at it? it smiles right back at you..

when your at office? lookup and look around! someone mite suddenly look up just like you did now.. Smile at them and see the joy you get!! its a lovely feeling i’d say (dont blame me if ur boss gives you a nasty glare when you looked up! he he.. a suggestion would be, look in the direction where your boss is not there.. now hzz that??)

Every little thing, living and non living, reflects our inner self to us.. You flash a fake smile it gives you the same.. genuinly smile at a bugging snippet code? who knows it mite suddenly work and make you grin even harder..

Life’s made of the little things.. wake up facing your palms.. shout a good morning with your charming smile at your mom or who so ever is near you? whether or not they feel good about it.. i’ll assure that you will feel great.. the first deep breath we take after waking? inhale with a smile, you’ll feel double fresh than usual..!

Everything is all about how we percieve it.. take stuff on the sunny side.. smile generously.. and your charming smile is so infectious and inspiring that every one and every little thing around you smiles with the same intensive charm…

Have a Smilng lovely life… Enjoy the little things…!

Talking to the plants :)

15 03 2010

Its a nice feeling to talk to the plants.. they listen to you no matter wat.. not meaning they don’t have a choice given that they are fixed to the ground and can’t run away. plants respond to stimulus.. not only the “touch me not” plant (mimosa pudica) all plants invariably respond to us if we interact with them.. its a nice feeling to talk to them. if we water the plants rather than using a sprinkler even if the sprinkler gives a better deal of water and gives it all the time, the plants are happier.. if we spend time with them, they grow faster and a lot fresher..

ok now here’s something i observed.. there was a small jasmine plant in my house, a very tiny plant.. i took care to water it personaly every night.. within a month it bore flowers (1 flower a day but still flower) same with the vethalai plant.. it climbed all 3 floors within a month!

plants need not always listen to what we say.. some times they are stubborn too.. there was a plant which was supposed to bear yellow flowers.. for about a year, even when we religiously watered it every day, it never gave even a bud. we changed the soil, manured it why even spoke to it. it was an all season plant which made us get even more curious. then in summer, we found out what the plant actually needed.. it wanted some one to show it to bear flowers! can you believe that plant dint now that it had to bear flowers until another plant showed it.. only when the tree next to it was filled with flowers did my plant come to know that it could bear flowers too 🙂 then came the first bud, then next and after that the plant gives atleast 1 flower a day.

Plants do listen to us if we speak to them.. we can pour out to them our problems or worries and go and feel relieved. thou the plants dont give us a reply, we feel so relieved that the solution seeks us almost in no time..!

Be it plants or trees, they react positively to encouragement.. like it comes in the maza add? “naan unna ivlo varshama thanni oothi valathu irukken, nee enakku oru mampazham tharamatiya? Dhrogi!!”
the trees actually responds to us.

My mama had a murunga maram which never gave murunga kai not even flowers in 10 years. it required my mama to go and talk with it for 1 whole hour! he shouted at the tree accused it and then made peace with it.. and returned. in 2 months, the tree was full of murunga kai’s and that season almost the entire village ate only mama’s murunga kai’s

Plant a seed.. watch it grow.. speak to that plant,  it’ll be your best friend.. always available for you..!
Its such a pleasure…!!

Public transport

1 01 2010

The MTC bus has almost become an integral part of life… every day begins with a hassle to catch the bus on time.. which never happens… i always have to run behind it and board it when its on the move..

Its a whole new world inside the bus..people of all sorts and sizes push you here and there moving in and out, the conductor shouts out the name of the place, his whistle shrieks, people pass money calling out where they’ve to go from one end of the bus to the other, guys in the foot board make comments about every thing under the sun, the guy near the window keeps spiting out helping singara chennai to develop, ladies jabber about everything and nothing to each other, a whole dozen school kids stand calm amidst this, another dozen BUSY people create cacophony using their mobile phones adding more noise to the already noisy bus, the driver hits the break and accelerator every time he inhales, making all in the bus fall on each other adding to the already existing confusion.. with many clicking their tongues and some adding cha shoe kaala vechu midhichutan! arive illa.. indha driver oru madayan break a medhuva pudikkave theriyadhu!!
Bus travel… a pleasure in its own right…..!

the entire road saw us like we were nuts!

23 07 2009

Yeah its one of my topsy turvy experiences again! me and 2 of ma frns walked out, and came near vani mahal.. we were supposed to get a share auto to anna nagar.

a little peek into the past… i’m used to getting share autos from rountana to nilgiris with my frnd who goes near the depot.. and 2 other friends go til mogappair.. so those 2 take the golden flats share auto and i take anna nagar west with the other girl..

this was imprinted in my head.
a share auto appears – the 2 with me dint know to read tamil (as if i’m a tamil pundit, yet i knew to join alphabets) – i read golden flats and murmered “Po da i wont come in ur auto” while waving No to the driver guy..
only after it picked speed all of us realised that all our destinations were before thirumangalam which either share auto would have to pass thru..
it took a minute for this fact to sink in.. an the 3 of us started giggling like mad at this.. and the passers by looked at us like as thou we lost our screws in the top floor :O only they dint know wat happened that we were laughing so hard 😀

I wanted More!

5 06 2009

One fine afternoon, i settled with some more. Mom called out “there is enough and more for everyone so help yourself.” I wanted lots of more that day so i kept helping myself to more and more. At a point i had taken so much more that there was very little more left. mom hurried to me and snapped, “how much more will you drink? leave some more for us.” but since i was “in all ears” i kept gulping more of more that at one point, no more was left. So i had to run to make some more for every one wanted more just like i wanted more!!!


4 06 2009

Some one suggested that if we were to remove the RAM chip and place it again, the speed will be better (innocent me i believed it completely). so one fine day, i settled with screw drivers and nuts to RAM the system. I removed the Ram chip and wiped it clean.. it was slightly dusty inside the CPU also.. so i dusted the interior clean (CPU cleaning and interior decoration) then comes the actual movie

lights camera action::
move 1: i took the RAM chip
move 2: i peeped inside the CPU box
move 3: i found the socket (yay)
move 4: i place the chip in the socket
move 5: i put the socket clips
move 6: i switched the power ON…

PUFF PUFF PUFF smoke comes out of the CPU… hurriedly i took a look inside… patha, the RAM chip was fixed upside down, it was melting and emitting smoke.. semma state!!! dad mom all shocked.. NO reaction absolutely!!!

We bought a new RAM chip (1 gb) ha ha :):)

A pinch of heat and a dash of smoke!

21 05 2009

God save the readers! 🙂
Ok this is the first ever time i’m blogging… not that now i know how to.. jus that i thot i’d giv it a try 🙂 don mind the texting language used 😉

To start with, i’m penning wat happened at home yesterday! me and the microwave were in our best terms… me and the oven were cook sm popcorn cauz i was bugged from staring at my book which was supposedly studying! i put all wat i found in the kitchen rack into the “plastica container” closed it and stuffed it inside after removing the glass base ( i forgot that plastic melts in the exitement)

in 4 mins time… a little smoke started coming out.. which i realised only after the anger and confusion in my mom’s face struck me… we cut the current and opened the oven…

Puff!!! large volumes of smoke emanate from inside — mommy’s face wild — 2 mins time — she gets the glove and pulls the container out — we see carbon black sticking in the base of the plastic container ans smoke is still coming — melted plastic sticking to the base of the oven and the container looks like melted cheese on pizza (yuck) (yumm – imagined) — at this minute of climax comes the major twist — mom burst out laughing trying to pull the melting plasitc out of the oven! — me in super state of shock not knowing whether to join or to continue the “shocked” act or change expression??? — then we took out the tripod kinda thing out and tried pulling the plastic from it — mega shock when even that broke :O

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