From a waste line to a waist line…?

23 06 2011

Yes i found the ultimate tip to get this ultimate (36) waist line all it takes is one simple step… 1 simple alteration to our regular way of life… no dieting no painful schedules…

the alteration needed is:  we should cultivate perseverance and hope 🙂

1. we have to first assure to ourselves that we look good as we are now.. but we would look better if we worked  a little more hard on it

2. we have to decide on what ever are those measures which according to us will take us to that ultimate figure that we wanted

3. stick that measure that we have decided to our regular schedule using fevi quick.

see.. the  idea is very simple 🙂 we earn to keep ourselves going which happens by eating “arai jaan udambirkku vayire pradhaanam” keep ur tummy happy and you can do what ever you want…!

but the secret lies in consuming what we really need and not all that we want or desire. there is a lot of difference between eating and eating right…!

so eat right

maintain a regular workout routine (can vary from a 10 minute walk per day or anything that gets you moving – but keep it regular)

feel good about how you look each day and visualize how you’l look more beautiful in due course with your plan in place

change will happen (yes it will be slow)

and that change will make you feel great

i’m also following 🙂 lets wait the best is yet to come :):)

My first attempt to make a sweet dish!

19 02 2011

I was all so exited.. i had gotten naga bubbly bubbly maida.. just to see what was so bubbly about it!

OK OK  i’ll come to the point.. that evening, i had decided to make a  sweet. though i dint know to make anything except beetroot halwa (discovered by me accidentally). exited as always, i call my mommy and ask her a recipe for a sweet.. she tells me make maida cake and that it’l be interesting.. i listen to her religiously and get ready to get set go.. imagining hot mysore pak made in krishna sweets to be the outcome.. i mix the 1 2 3 4 ingredients that she told me and load the mixture(imagine light brown semi solid mass of the mixture) in the stove..

flow of events:

1. i’m stirring

2. continue stirring

3. ya continue step 2

4. see if the mixture is giving bubbles, if yes, prick and burst them to pass time, if not continue step 3

5. after playing with the bubbles for a while, i feel the mixture is shrinking (kurugi-fied)

6. spread some ghee on a plate and pour the mixture on it and wait for it to solidify (waiting for the past 7 days in my case)

7. after solidification(which has not happened yet) make small pieces and serve!!

in my case apparently, the mass became a chewy thing ( my hubby chose to call it maida mavu pasai which i made with an evil plot of sealing his mouth)

i cooled it under the fan in bangalore – no use

left it over night – no use

kept it in the fridge (ice beeero) – no use 😦 😦 the mass is still chewy! 😦

so i gave up my hope on it.. i’ll make better pasai next time 🙂 🙂

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