82 words, The Purpose..!

16 09 2011

We were lost in the middle of a mad fight..

the warriors on the opposite side were attacking with all might..

we were the doctors who came to care for the wounded..

to a battle where only bombs and bullets resounded..

suddenly I was flying.. no I’m not lying..

I stretched my hand to save the other doctors who were trying..

and got shocked when I saw for whom they were crying..

It was my corpse.. the bullet shower fulfilled its purpose…!

A visit to the pal maruthuvar (dendist)

7 03 2010

Dedicated to Chocolates of all kinds, sizes and shapes 😉

Pal doctar.. every one fears him.. namma vaaya kizhichduvaro nu bayam..

i had an appt for a root canal treatment.. had 2 of them doctors peering into my mouth.. for an instance i felt like Lord Krishna.. Vaayul vaiyagam kanda doktargal..!! then one doc says, there’s no place in ur mouth ma.. na enna vaaya lease la vidarenna sonnen? vadagaikki kuda vidaren nu sollale..

then he was like.. ur wisdom teeth, both sides ought to be removed.. they are causing keekadam in ur mouth.. pal vali varum.. konala vera its molaching.. so we remove it.. i nodded.. my mouth open wide with a rounded tool stuck inside..!

now for the actual root canal treatment.. they had screws(watery) etc etc instruments which looked like miniature version of earth diggers.. with all this both get ready..

one doc took an oosi and said the usual “yerumbu kadicha mari irukkum ma, justa minute” aaaah.. ok oosi kuthiyachu” one second too long the pain lasts then everything in ur mouth is numb..

then these doctors look inside ur mouth like a full length thriller movie is being screened,  and occasionally help the hero in there with tools.

after a recursive  rrrrr zzzzzzz mmmmmmm wrroooooooommmm spit.. a filling is done.. then another usual dialog palla olunga thekkanum, 2 times daily.. don’t chew in the side where the filling is done..

we religiously nod our heads too all that they say and continue with our routine chocolate worship 🙂 with a world of Sweets and God of Sweets as Chocolate.. we cant help but… mmm relish 🙂

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