Tu hai sagar, mai kinara…!

31 08 2011

If you are the sea, I’ll be the shore.. which unfailingly stands by.. bearing all the lashes by the waters of the sea..

It was that night, i was travelling from my in laws place back to where i live now.. it was an 8 hour road.. that night was an undoubted example of what we call patience.. what we call tolerance..

what happened during the travel:
me and Sathya got into the bus.. waved byebye’s to my FIL who had come  to drop us.. and we noticed that.. there was a lady sitting beside a man older than herself.. she was snapping at someone.. seemed to the onlookers that she was snapping at her naughty little son.. but only as we crossed her seat to reach ours did we realize that there was no little boy.. she was snapping at the man sitting next to her. she was special.

the family was sitting in the seats in the vicinity of the lady.. all of them wearing troubled expressions. completely worried that the lady is awake and active.. the road ahead to our destination seemed herculean..!

she was actively snapping at the window, screen, breeze, seat, the man, her mother.. everyone and no one.

we had a seat in the dead last row of the bus.. the road would put a horse ride to shame.. Sathya not having noticed the lady’s situation, got a bit restless and was about to raise his voice when i pointed out. he calmed down..

everyone in the bus was having a tough time with the way the driver was driving and the condition of the road. despite all this if someone manages to catch a glimpse of sleep, they’l be shaken awake by the loud voice of that lady. still no one flinched. I was startled.

the best one was the man sitting beside her. He is worth more than just a mention. not only was the lady shouting near his ears, occasionally he was beaten by her too.. of course she was special and unaware of herself. still what patience.. he dint raise his voice even once. even when she slept on his shoulder, he stayed awake and cared for her.. he dint sleep even a bit.. never flinched even once at her tantrums.

Hats off…..!!he was definitely an example of the rocks by the sea shore that stand unflinchingly no matter how calm or rough the sea is….!

I was touched. i dint manage to catch more than an hour of sleep that night.. i got down with a pounding headache.. still the patience of that man occupied my head.. headache took the backseat.. I was Touched deeply.

Morning sightings

26 07 2011

Early morning, while we rush to catch the bus to college / office is the time one gets to see all types of sightings on the road.. great fun it is to see all this (not when running to catch your bus.. that is the time for others to laugh at you.. after you have gotten into your bus, you can laugh at others)

top sightings are as follows..

girls with open hair which is half wet..

guys talking on their phones..

colorful flashing tee shirts girls and guys alike..

people running around to catch the bus with laptop bags or lunch bags..

people standing (read cramped into i foot space between hundreds of legs, balancing not to fall off the foot board) in the overcrowded bus

the blessed ones who got a seat, taking a short nap

those jabbering on the phone inside and outside the bus..

the couples standing cuddled up while waiting for the bus..

different varieties of clothes in all sizes and shapes and colors..

bus drivers blasting each other in the traffic..

people who cross the road after signal turns green..

there are many more… but I’ll stop here.. because office is a long drive away and I’m going to join the blessed group to take a nap 🙂

First Seat in the Bus… Fun…?

24 07 2011

Haiyyaa… bus la first seat… is it really worth this hype? actually.. sitting in the first seat will give you a handle to the driver’s brain (harry’s handle to you-know-who’s thoughts and stuff) you can feel what the driver feels…

let me tell you how..

the road ahead is empty for several meters… there’s no traffic… the driver goes at  20 Km/Hr and gets on your nerves.. we’ll feel like snatching the accelerator from him and giving it a hard push… why we ask.. thrill they say

the road is super crowded.. ahead of you within a meter’s distance is another bus’ rear.. our driver accelerates at 40 Km/Hr.. just to go closer to that bus and break… why we ask.. thrill they say

special occasions: we are on a moderately busy road and a biker comes along.. instantly our driver feels like his hands are dipped in boiling hot water… he accelerates and goes dangerously near the biker.. and a race starts.. Why we ask.. thrill they say

another notable occasion: we are on a moderately busy road and a biker comes along this time with a person of the opposite sex behind him.. could be a small girl, his GF, Sister, Mother, Elder woman, Grandmother, older woman.. can be ANYONE.. now our driver gets even more exited.. its accelerates so much that the lady freaks out and the biker parks anywhere on the left end and gets some calm..!! why we ask.. thrill they say!

going zig zig zaag like a cyclist is also on of the bus driver’s main items on the agenda.. also driving anywhere that doesn’t fall under the road criteria, scaring the pedestrians is a notable activity.. why we ask.. thrill they say

Govt buses do some of the above, not all… since they have a unique activity to do.. push the people hanging near the foot board by breaking now and then…  but the college buses, office buses stick to the entire curriculum without fail..!

Disadvantages of the Looonnggg bridge in Bangalore

8 02 2011

Disclaimer: the content below is purely the views of the author, no offence meant.

well.. i am one of the software rats that live in bangalore which travels from one part of the city to another to sit for 9 hours clock some work and get back home to be worn out and torn down to be able to do nothing but hitting the sack.

here is something i noticed recently.

there is this superlong bridge that connects silkboard with electronic city. this bridge being called as the electronic city bridge. brushing aside the various advantages, here are a few disadvantages that comes with the bridge:

1. no agents of public transport go on the bridge. the bridge is being made use of only by private vehicles (no idea why)

2. though there is a service area in atleast 2 places on the bridge, it is of no major use, people may just make use of it like an inbetween resting area while covering the long distance.

3. by no means can you call for help when your atop the bridge, even if you manage to do so, it will be a long time by the time help arrives

4. there are no emergency phone booths which can atleast be made use of to call an ambulence

5. if your vehicle stops mid way, you have no choice but to push it all the way till either end of the bridge

6. all the vehicles are in such great speed when on the bridge for there is nothing to control the speed, though, the bridge was meant too cut the traffic below and reach the other side asap, people who fly on the bridge wont even have the kinda time to see a person wounded (if at all)

7. a silly scenario: u and ur mate are riding the bike on a bike on the bridge and you happen to have an argument. what if your mate strands you on the bridge and goes away in anger? how will you possibly come down? by walk? by a weak chance, what if you have no cash? no mobile? how will you even call your mate and say sorry yaar now come and take me down??

i think this is some food for thought for us rats.

chennai thodangi trichy varai – oru payanam

16 01 2011

Sequence of events:

home – grouchy auto fello – avoid the main road traffic – kurukku sandhu – karungal jalli mannu medu – kids playing ball – elders carrying karumbu in cycle – rash turns – kreech breaks – koyambedu bus ishtandu 🙂

strange people big and small are seen in the bus stand.. like the fello screeming thirucheee thiruchee….and selling last minute tickets, people gong where ever they go.. talking keech keech voices.. jaladosham.. etc etc.. amongst this, i spot 3 africans.. 1 prachodhakam girl and 2 guys (uncategorized). finally, i get into the bus..

en seat ku pakkathu seat remains empty for long.. im getting exited about the fact that i needn’t keep my bag on the way.. but suddenly “jing jang” a young mother appears with a kutti boy (cute one) na mattum LKG padichitu irundhen na…. (drool drool)

im exited.. micha 6hour journey ku companion kadaichachu (i mean the sumall kid)

andha baby sathame podala.. OMG samathu na apdi oru samathu (break knuckles to avoid drishti) thane dappa va eduthu vechi kittu curd rice (eewww) that too with keerai ( double eew) spoon vechi adhu paatukku sapudhu.. chance less.. then adhu bus seat la vandi (daddy bike) otti, padayappa padam pathu shabbaa… ennala mudiyala… best entertaining journey alone ever 🙂

Public transport

1 01 2010

The MTC bus has almost become an integral part of life… every day begins with a hassle to catch the bus on time.. which never happens… i always have to run behind it and board it when its on the move..

Its a whole new world inside the bus..people of all sorts and sizes push you here and there moving in and out, the conductor shouts out the name of the place, his whistle shrieks, people pass money calling out where they’ve to go from one end of the bus to the other, guys in the foot board make comments about every thing under the sun, the guy near the window keeps spiting out helping singara chennai to develop, ladies jabber about everything and nothing to each other, a whole dozen school kids stand calm amidst this, another dozen BUSY people create cacophony using their mobile phones adding more noise to the already noisy bus, the driver hits the break and accelerator every time he inhales, making all in the bus fall on each other adding to the already existing confusion.. with many clicking their tongues and some adding cha shoe kaala vechu midhichutan! arive illa.. indha driver oru madayan break a medhuva pudikkave theriyadhu!!
Bus travel… a pleasure in its own right…..!

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