21 07 2011

Yes you read it right.. i certainly am asking you to breathe.. by this word, i do not refer to the involuntary inhale exhale that we do in order to exist.. we all need to breathe some life into the monotonous inhale exhale. only then can we make use of our lung capacity to the fullest. most of us why all of us make use of less than one tenth of our lung’s average capacity.

why this pathetic state:

1. we are too busy to pay attention to breathing.. well its such a silly activity.. the person who sits aside and takes time for himself.. and claims to be breathing (unless he has code named it pranayama) will be laughed at even by kids. well pranayama is no big deal.. it is the art of breathing and enjoying the process of breathing. and yeah pranayama has much more.. it helps the practitioner cleanse his / her respiratory system. now lets not go into that art form.. lets stick to the topic of this post.

2. breathing happens automatically.. why get so serious? well yeah thanks to nature that the breathing process is automated. lest the human race would have ceased to exist centuries ago.

ok so breathing is just inhale exhale.. now why are you making such a deal out of it? is there anything extra? any new method? inhale thru the eyes.. exhale thru the the toes??

YES.. breathing in not just inhale exhale.. there is a lot more.. and NO new method. we have to enjoy the process of breathing.. there is a saying that while we were created, mother earth did not say, we’ll live for so many days.. mother earth said.. you’ll live until you inhale and exhale so many times.. (please don’t beat me.. it may be true)

so whats the hurry to leave the earth guys?? slow and steady wins the race right? so breathe slowly and steadily.. enjoy atleast 5 deeeeeppppp in’s and out’s each day.. lemme tell you outta experience that its a pleassure.. try it..

but yeah one more point to note.. no tummy breathing allowed here..i’m by no way telling that tummy breathing is nice..

what is tummy breathing: breathe in.. tummy expands.. air escapes thru the food pipe.. only half or less goes to the lungs.. rest goes to the tummy and comes out.. wasted.. one tip to avoid it.. place your palm on the tummy and monitor it while breathing.. if your hand does not go in out in out.. you win 🙂

So Breathe slowly.. think steadily.. and live happily.. 🙂

P.S: its a very good anger controlling mechanism too 🙂 when ever your in fits of anger.. just take 4 or 5 rounds.. anger will decrease.. and in the mean time your energy will also have a clear boost (2 in 1) 🙂


5 03 2010

Hold it hold it… by no means its close your eyes..think of deepika padukone/hrithik.. and breathe deeply… sssiiiggghhhh!! This is real meditation!!

The following was my status a few days back..

“smile is the best reaction to any given situation” I had one of my friends pass a comment on this “ try smiling when someone showers you with a rain of bullets!” ok this is in no connection with meditation.. anyways..

Meditation is just about blanking your mind off all thoughts and sitting blank whilst breathing deeply whereby relaxing and reenergizing your mind and body. Now the blanking your mind part is the most challenging.. the rest will fall in place automatically.

Ok trials:

sit up straight take a deep breath.. hello..? I mean it. sit up.. take a breath…! Now breathe out calm… ok now stop thinking about your boss, about your siblings, spouse, child, etc, etc, bus travel, sleep, yawn…! hello hello.. we are not going this way and sleeping we are trying to blank the mind..

Fine fine.. I know what you are feeling this minute.. I am not crapping or making a fool of you.. fine try it yourself.. blanking is not possible the first time.. it will come along eventually. For beginning, lets try something light.. try turning on some soothing light music.. if you are at office.. try to imagine that everyone around you is miming and the volume is muted.. funny isn’t it? To see everyone miming?

Ok now.. breathe deeply and close your eyes.. think of the setting sun.. slowly breathe out.. breathe in again… ok how many of us have a goal here? (please note, I am strictly not talking about a football goal). Ok goal or no goal.. we all aspire to have a bright future don’t we? So think of the bright sun, imagine it’s a small glowing ball in between your eyebrows.. do you get a tingly feeling? Good we are already improving..

Now try imagining this small sun between your eyebrows when ever your restless.. While doing this.. breathe slowly, deeply.. retain this for 2 mins initially.. then increase the time.. even if the ball of sun refuses to come.. don’t stop breathing.. just keep breathing in and out.. slowly deeply.. after about 5 in’s and out’s assuming that you were breathing with your eyes closed, open the eyes slowly and rub your entire face with your palms.. there you go.. as fresh as the sun.. ready to shine..

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