Upon setting my eyes on that *Flower*…!

30 08 2011

It dawned today.. another beautiful day.. as ravishing as it could be… the bright sun painting everything around in bright bold colors.. i got outta bed and walked across my room to the window.. and witnessed the most beautiful thing i had ever seen in that place.. in my opinion it was by far the best creation of the lord almighty.. and most beautiful real life painting painted ever so strikingly by the sun.

I quickly showered and dressed up.. and ran (read flew) to that place… and there stood the most admirable creation.. i went near and circled.. buzzed a little.. hovered to the top… smelt the mesmerizing fragrance.. smiled at the flower and sat on it.. and collected honey.. wished to myself (only if my wife looked so cute) and flew back to the hive.. for today was a busy day.. i had to visit other flowers and collect honey… but still i made a mental note to come by this one whenever possible today…!



3 08 2011


This post is about what happens around you when you are depressed.. a quick view of the energies around us from a higher view-point ( I mean it’ll look like we are viewing the whole thing from a higher point of view like say the 4th floor of a building)

Base of the post:

I’m angry and upset.. I feel like the whole world has turned its back on me.. from morning, whatever I did only became messy.. how much ever attention I gave it, it only aided in making my day worse.. the amount of documentation I did in office was herculean.. but what did I get in return? Rework..! since the client side documentation format was different.. I had to redo a whole set of 15 different technical documents.. 2 of my team mates (out of 5 where the other 2 apart from me consist of my manager and senior manager) are on leave.. I can’t even get even moral support from anyone leave alone help.. I can’t help but sulk with my work and snap at people around me who belong to other teams.. how will they know what I’m going through? God Damn some of them are leaving by 6 30 bus.. I can’t even think of catching the cab at 9.

State of my mind:

Totally irritable.. feels like a live wire.. I’ll burn anything that approaches me to ashes..

My reactions to people around me:

I sulk while working.. I’m irritated with the squiggly red line MS office displays when I get a typo.. someone calls me for a break, I snap at them saying they don’t realize how much I’m stuck with this darn work.. I get hungry because my brain is at work copy pasting stuff from the previous copy I had drafted earlier. I get up push my chair, curse my side draw and frown at a colleague who tries to look at me.. and storm out of the ODC.

How my state of mind affects people around me: (View from somewhere above all this)

imagine that you and I are looking down at this entire scene from 2 floors above.. (we can look thru walls since its our imagination) I frown and snap at the colleague who called me for a break.. she feels odd.. since its not very normal for me to behave that way.. she gives me back a harder frown and leaves (she may have also been through a rough day)

my negative feeling affected her even more.. it made her feel worse.. now the fact that my snapping at her affected her is like a stone thrown into a pond of still water.. it makes many ripples.. some of them come back to me making me feel worse..

on the contrary, if I had obliged cheerfully, she would have felt good and her happiness would have flowed back to me when we shared a few minutes over coffee.. but certainly I would have felt better and who knows.. I could have asked her to spend time near my PC, so that I can chat while doing my work, which will not seem so burdensome.


State of depression is nothing but a bunch of negative thoughts which we cling on to because we want to justify to our self that there is a reason that we are feeling sad.. and we hold on to it for so long and so much that it affects us so badly that we forget that we can actually let go of it and feel better.

there was a mail forward that I came across.. a man who addressed the public.. he told a joke, people laughed.. he kept on repeating it so many times that after a while no one wanted to laugh and some started giving him quizzical looks.. He spoke saying, how is it that we are not able to laugh over 1 joke again and again but we are able to hold on to one failure and weep over it for a lifetime??

Our negative thoughts (being sad.. anger.. anything) are like stones thrown into still water..  the more we throw negative stones, more negative ripples are created and it not only disturbs the pond, it also affects the shores of the pond.. our mind is like the pond of still water and the thoughts are like the stones.. if we throw stones of negative thoughts, it affects us and people around us negatively.. if we throw positive stones, positive thoughts and feelings come back to us.. so never let negative thoughts enter the pond.. even if they do, do your best to replace it with some or other form of positive thoughts.

Feelings :'(

16 07 2011

I’m gonna pen what all i’m gonna miss from the quarters i grew up in.. the quarters that has been an integral part of practically all my life’s important phases (entire school life.. college life.. 1 yr office.. and marriage)

there weren’t many friends from inside the quarters for me.. even the ones i had, eventually moved outside the quarters as time moved on (i’m still in contact with them thou)… but it cannot replace the time when we all got back from different schools and went walking (read jumping playing running giggling) to hindi class talking stuff that happened in school..

the maths tuition that was just outside the quarters..

the watch man uncle who used to smile at me when ever i took my mommy’s vandi outside.. (not to mention his smile was just to watch if i’m going properly and if not complain to my kovil going mom at unearthly hours like 4AM.. “amma papa kitta vandi kudukkadhinga.. rash-a otturanga” naa kekkuren 40kmph lam oru fast a?)

the auto men.. whom i just have to mention the sabha’s name in mylapore.. and they’ll take me there even if i sleep for the entire journey.. and if i dont have the cash that they ask for, (andha kaasu irundha LIC building-a velaikki vangalam.. anyhow..) they’l collect it from my house…

running to my friend’s house which was blocks apart in the pretext of lending and borrowing class notes.. just to shout her name and laugh from the road…

going around everywhere with my mom in her bike 🙂

the walking sessions with my dad eating veppam-kozhundhu (tender neem leaves)

stealing marudhani leaves with amma from around the quarters…

the community hall.. (where thoppa vilundha “youngsters” play tennis everyday)

the maram.. chedi.. kodi…

the yellow and white carpet of flowers during spring…

the arajagam that we do in the middle of the road..

i digress to exemplify the arajagam..

my house was in a building in the corner left of the main lane.. we park our dad’s bike across the main lane (blocking ppl who go) and play badminton specifically at peak hours and unearthly hours.. and shout at people who cross us..

play holi in the middle of the road.. talk all that we want at the top of our voices, crack jokes and laugh so loudly that some people peep out to see if the sky is crashing (ok thats an exaggeration about the sky crashing part)

drive rashly inside the quarters.. and make the vehicle jump five feet after the speed breaker ended… etc..

aah.. i’m gonna miss these simple pleasures…

i’m back..

saying hi to any x y z aunty who says… evlooo chinna ponna irundha inga varappo… (ippovum apdiye irukka mudiyuma?)

alternate day 1 hour morning hassle to fill water in every spoon possible inside the house.. taking bath exactly when it is closing time of that precious 1 hour.. making a mess inside the house with the hose pipe.. (and getting blasted for that)

the hospital.. and the nurse i am still scared of.. the sessions with the homeo doctor who got retired.. exam nu poi sollitu evlo naal i would have cut the queue only to tell her the medicine worked.. i’m fine now 🙂

the iron maan (isthri kaaran) who used to beautifully press my dance costumes to shape.. i once went and called him watch man uncle and he was upset with me for about a week 🙂

the walls that leak profusely.. the most beautiful balcony..

innum naraya things i’ll miss… but ‘ll stop here 🙂

i’ll still take the road inside the quarters to go anywhere past it.. promise 🙂


i missed the saying Hi to chandramoulishwarar from inside the quarters part… he’s the Shivan in the chandramoulishwarar kovil near the quarters.. 🙂

Water the elixir of life..!

7 07 2011

This post is an excerpt from a speech i heard ages back..

like we’ve all read before, we can go without food but without water we cant live more than 3 days..

ok now to the topic.. the speech i heard then was in no connection with  water whatsoever.. the topic of the speech was general health. this particular example that was brought out during the course of the speech is what attracted me.

how many of us consciously drink those 8 glasses of water during the day to keep up our body’s fluid balance? 2% of us? ok our lady in the example is also one among us (98% people). she was travelling in a bus for a vacation with her family.. it was a loooong stretch of road and it was excessively hot that afternoon. like all busses, that bus stopped in the middle with fumes rising from the carburetor due to the heat. our lady got a little panicky and went near the driver and inquired about the fumes.. the driver explained the heat and the necessity of filling the carburetor with water.

back in her seat our lady starts pondering on the previous day’s happenings when it suddenly struck her that she had not taken even a sip of water from when she had started from home (averagely 7 hours back) and on an instinct she imagined herself to be the bus – bursting into fumes because her system gets heated up.. well now she gets the point that the body’s tender fluid balance has to be kept.. otherwise our inner systems will also get heated up and may even stop functioning.

it is not necessary that we wait to become thirsty.. we have to keep a bottle and sip water every 10 to 15 mins once. so that we maintain the fluid balance in our body.


29 08 2010

The first thing that comes to our mind is the green fresh cool thing that we relish during summer.. cucumber or velrikka or kakkdi as its called.. is such a coolant it makes the body cool..

now i’m not gonna tell about its effects inside the body, i’m gonna pen 2 things that i know cucumber does to the exterior face..

when you feel extremely heated after hours of working on the system or dancing or roaming in the city in the hot scorching sun.. 2 slices of kakkdi can be placed on the eyes, and if we relax for ten minutes with these 2 slices, the relief that we get is simply inexplicable!! the same effect can be brought about by 2 square cotton pieces soaked in cool water or cool milk.. but nothing can substitute the natural effect of cucumber

and.. cucumber can be juiced and the  juice can be applied on the face and washed after it dries.. this leaves the face extremely fresh and glowing… we need not even do this separately.. after slicing cucumber, some juice will surely remain in our hands.. even this little can be applied on the face.. the effect is superb…!!

please feel free to add more in the comments section 🙂

The Sun will shine.

4 04 2010

The SUN has no weekdays weekends. no matter what happens, he shines everyday. whether he likes it or not, he does his duty untiringly, unconditionally!

whether he has clear surroundings or dark clouds lurking to hide his efforts, he does not let go of his hope. again the sun shines. from behind those dark clouds no matter how long it takes for the clouds to clear, he shines again as beautifully as ever.

even when storms rage, he waits with intense faith that the dark times will come to a close and he can shine brightly..!

Lesson: No matter what happens to you and around you, everything is just like the clouds. It will pass. we are all SUNs given by nature to shine upon the earth, and we will take all efforts and persevere to shine as beautifully as the SUN.

Enjoying the Little things…

1 04 2010

Enjoying the little things in life 🙂

Happiness is not about big victory, party, winning the medal and so forth. its about all the small things that make the big stuff happen. if happiness were to be defined only by the big stuff, then the happy times or minutes can be counted. each of us wont even have a handfull of them.

Its not about that. happiness comes out of the small things like your everyday bus stop friend giving you a smile that lasted 2 seconds longer than usual? that would definaely add more warmth and meaning to your smile too! or say the bus driver stopped exactly near you? Thats lukcy aint it? and makes us smile with a surprise..! not only this every thing around us contribute equally.. just look around ? (if ur at ur work place, even then)

when your outside.. just enjoy the breeze.. even if its the hottest afternoon, if we feel it, there will be a small bit of coolness in that air.. the freshness a flower carries when it blooms..? smile at it? it smiles right back at you..

when your at office? lookup and look around! someone mite suddenly look up just like you did now.. Smile at them and see the joy you get!! its a lovely feeling i’d say (dont blame me if ur boss gives you a nasty glare when you looked up! he he.. a suggestion would be, look in the direction where your boss is not there.. now hzz that??)

Every little thing, living and non living, reflects our inner self to us.. You flash a fake smile it gives you the same.. genuinly smile at a bugging snippet code? who knows it mite suddenly work and make you grin even harder..

Life’s made of the little things.. wake up facing your palms.. shout a good morning with your charming smile at your mom or who so ever is near you? whether or not they feel good about it.. i’ll assure that you will feel great.. the first deep breath we take after waking? inhale with a smile, you’ll feel double fresh than usual..!

Everything is all about how we percieve it.. take stuff on the sunny side.. smile generously.. and your charming smile is so infectious and inspiring that every one and every little thing around you smiles with the same intensive charm…

Have a Smilng lovely life… Enjoy the little things…!

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