Onion Sambar

30 08 2013

Wafting smell of amazing sambar was reaching the streets.. yumm even with the smell one can guess how tasty it’ll be.. Blessed guy this Rajarathinam is..! cha how i wish i could just go in and ask for some sambar! Roja was telling her friend mala while they were walking past ponnumani’s home…

“manguyile poonguyile seyidhi onnu kelu.. yenna malayile thedi varum.. nana nana na na…”

what Roja, what are you telling mala looking at my house?? They both started giggling.. and said lucky guy and walked away.. only after reaching near did he get the lovely smell of the onion sambar.. Rathinam walked inside and calls out ponnu.. ponnu.. enna ma sambar aroma is so strong and so ecsatic.. what else have you made today? is it anything special? the aroma makes me want to sit right her and eat first even without changing clothes..

blushing away to glory ponnu comes out of the kitchen.. onnum illinga.. you were not here by evening around your usual time.. so i thought you may be delayed because of work.. so i made your favourite food so that you can eat well and sleep..

PFFTTFTFTFTTFTFT… Rajarathiam wakes up.. what a vivid memory.. he rubs his eyes awake.. its the dead of the night.. and he is in the working quarters of the employees at a firm in Dubai.. He came only to make sure life is better for his ponnumani and daughter jaya.. its been 6 years now.. he does not even know how his daughter looks like.. she was just 3 months old when he left the village and comforts of his home to make some money hoping to make a better life for them. occasional trunk calls and letters from them are the only source of energy to keep him moving in the foreign country.. he sends money regularly to them.. still no where is like home.. no where can substitute for jaya’s voice and silly pranks.. no where will he get the same food cooked and served with love.. no where will he get the same onion sambar his wife used to make for him.. no where… no where.. and he slips back to sleep.. another long day of work and toil awaited him and another 2 years till he can get back home to his ponnumani and jaya..




One response

22 09 2013
Harish S Ram

unfortunately even ponnumani can’t make onion sambar anymore due to the price rise 😛

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