Potty Training your Infant – Nothing is too early

8 08 2012

I started training my little angel for potty right from her 15th day of birth. and now at 40 days, she alerts me by crying, even in the night.. she doesn’t wet her pants unless potty happens in very deep sleep.

Fact: its easier to train a girl child for potty than a boy since you may end up with urine all over you if your little champ urinates lying on your leg..and it aint that way with girls 🙂

How to identify that your child wants to poop:

if it is just then that she has nursed and she’s restless or cries, or if it is more than about an hour since she has nursed. you can put her on your leg (head on your knee and her legs on your legs, baby face up) lock your feet to support your infant. its alright if she cries.. talk to her.. tell her to urinate.. and she will urinate and also 6 out of 10 times poop. and when the same procedure is repeated, she will urinate on the bed only if you dont listen to the alerts she gives you.

if she’s taking longer to urinate, you can stimulate the feeling by letting the tap open. And you can notice a striking urinating expression on her face..

How it helped me:

I had to take my child for a test in the hospital when she was 22 days old, i was worried that my baby was having stomach pain since i had a food infection. the doctor adviced a stool test.

the lab staff wanted fresh poop not mixed with urine they wouldn’t accept what was in the diaper. we put her on the leg and made her poop in the lab for collecting stools for the test. it was really helpful that had i trained her, but for which i would have spent hours buying infection for my infant in the lab by keeping her private parts open to collect her stools.

my baby doesn’t need the diaper now even to manage the night. 🙂
Yes there are times when she wets her pants or passes urine and stools all over me or in the bed, yet the training saves the day most of the time.




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