How I became a Mother – I’m Pregnant…??

20 07 2012

Saturday Morning my mom wakes me up.. the usual round of good morning inniki enna samayal.. enna vegetables irukku.. bla bla goes on until I wake up completely and she said ok you go have your coffee.. i’ll call you later..

its not even two minutes since, she rings me again and says, do you realize your chums were due ten days ago?? I would suggest you check it up.. I was like what the hell how can it be? I’ve almost traveled every week to Chennai by bus. even in Chennai there was so much running about here and there.. dance class and every thing.. even otherwise HOW IS IT POSSIBLE..?? mom was like why don’t you just check.. reluctantly I said ok..

It was so dumb standing at the chemists’.. i waited until the other two customers finished and when I was about to open my mouth, the person there asked, pregnancy strip a ma?? taken by shock, I nodded furiously.. got it home and preserved it for Sunday morning.. since Saturday morning’s Nature calls were over.

Sunday morning dawns… I can’t sleep from 4AM but since nature dint call me at 4, I waited and waited till it was 6.. and finally nature called me… I took few drops and put it on the strip and stared at it waiting to call my mom and say “onnum aagala.. podhuma..!” but the second line appeared.. mild it was but it came as a thundering surprise shock..!! I couldn’t move…!! I called my mom and told her “AAMMAAMMM MMAAA” If you knew me personally, you could hear the aamam ma in my voice as you read it.. then I ran to sathya, shook him awake and told him “Our life has changed like for ever” he was like enna di aachu unakku in an extremly sleepy tone… I was like “I’m Pregnant – you are gonna be a daddy” he said don’t blabber. I dragged him out of bed and showed him the strip he was “idhukku than en thukkatha keduthiya? for all you know the strip might be faulty we’ll go to the doctor.. until then don’t be over exited and jump around cauz, if at all the strip is faulty (which i hope not) you’ll be disappointed – for safety, be extra careful even as you walk today”

I actually took a pic of the strip to show the doctor just in case.

we went to the doc.. and she confirmed the same… and it finally dawned on us, I was gonna become a MOTHER…!


Nadakkaradhu nadakkama irukkadhu nadakkama irukkaradhu nadakkadhu – yachacha yachacha gachacha gachacha




4 responses

20 07 2012

Storyla moral of the story than gethaa eruku…:-)

20 07 2012
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

Thanks Muthu 🙂

20 07 2012

nice line ! 🙂 will follow this page! 🙂 keep it up

20 07 2012

Very nice article !!! Gone follow up your story 🙂

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