Instant Veg Burger

25 06 2012

Time: 10 mins

Stuff needed:

1. Afternoon meal’s potato curry (with or without onion and other vegetables) using other currys are up to you.

2. Rusk powder / bread crumbs with dosa molaga podi

3. half an onion, 1 tomato, 1 scraped carrot, cabbage and anything else..

4. Importantly Burger bun 

5. optional – few drops of lemon and tomato ketchup

6. 1 slice of cheese or 1 cube of cheese or few drops of mayo or cheese spread.


step 1: Cut the bun in half.. put it in the dosa pan and cook it.

step 2: take the curry.. make it into a circle.. dust the bread crumb + dosa molagapodi powder on both sides and fry it

step 3: fry the onions (this is ur wish.. whether u like the onion raw or fried)

put everything on the bun.. add the cheese.. and eat it 🙂




One response

25 06 2012
Harish S Ram

yummy 😀

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