That night in Ashokavan

18 10 2011

she woke up suddenly… she had heard a sudden ruffle of leaves.. it was not usual for such a movement in the trees at this time of the night.. it was somewhere around 3AM.. she looked around.. found nothing.. so she dozed off again…

shreemad-dasharatha nandana raam – kausalya sukha vardhana raam – vishvamitra priyadhana raam…

she woke up again… silence prevailed.. she convinced herself that it was a dream.. her yearning for Shree Ram’s arrival to save her was making her dream aloud… she dozed again…

ghora tataka dhaataka raam – marichaadini pataka raam – kaushikamaka samrakshaka raam – shrimadahlyoddhaaraka raam –  gautama muni.. she woke up again.. this time sure that it was not her dream.. she had heard the ruffle of the branches and leaves in the most unusual way.. she lay there, eyes wide open, ears pierced sharply to pick any sound… and suddenly… aaarrrrarraraaahhhagggahhhhhhh…….!! with a loud crash, fell from the topmost branch, a creature that she has never seen before.. too big for a monkey.. looked human like.. compassionate eyes, but mouth like a monkey.. hands bore the fruit of the very same tree she was sleeping under.. worse still, the creature had a tail..!! she was under the impression that she was dreaming the most wildest of dreams.. she tried pinching herself when the creature spoke up… that was the last of what she could take…

Creature: Jai Shree Raam.. sita matha.. I come from Shree Raam.. as a messenger to thee..

she: wow.. this thing knows my name.. what all can this Raavan muster up to convince me?

Creature: maatha.. i have come from Rameshwaram.. Lord Shree Raam is resting there while planning on his agenda on how to defeat the King of Lanka and take you home

She: mixed feelings.. she wanted to believe what the creature is telling.. but could not believe her own eyes and ears… she says.. ok so what are you? (note it’s not even who are you.. it’s what are you)

Creature: I’m Hanuman.. Army Chief of the King Sugriva’s kingdom ‘Kishkintha’. King Sugriva and Lord Raam’s Party have signed an MOA..Lord Shree Raam helped Sugriva in defeating his unreasonable elder brother Vaali.. and as promised, King Sugriva has sent his men to aid Shree Raam in building a bridge across the Indian ocean to reach Lanka. I head that army.. So Shree Raam has sent me over to find out your whereabouts, the distance between where we stay and Lanka… and the best mode of transport for the large convoy of King Sugriva’s MonkeyMen and Lord Shree Raam’s army..

She: still eyeing him with doubts..since Raavan had tried all possible ways of convincing her… ok… I believe all that you say.. but gimme some material proof…

Creature: How dumb of me..

he took a bit paper and revisited all the thing that were listed.. banana – that he had finished for breakfast. apples, carrots peaches… that were snacks during the transit time..jackfruit.. that fell off in the sea when he tried to play with an enlarged shadow of the waves which he had code-named sea demon.. and then finally his eyes fell upon ‘angooti’ he had never eaten anything with that strange name… he thought and thought… and kept thinking for a whole 15 mins

She: bleddy you wake me at 3Am.. already its difficult to sleep with so many insects and gundas around you.. you come, tell me some strange message.. and now you are thinking..

she: oh.. what are you thinking about for so long? about the lost jackfruit?? there are so many different rare varieties of fruits in this forest.. you can eat them all when you leave.. now tell me the matter so that I can sleep..

Creature: yes sita matha.. only thing is that.. there is this item called angooti on the list.. I’m not able to tell whether it’s a fruit or this other thing Shree Raam gave me to pass on to you..

saying this he started fishing inside his dhoti… and brought out a ring…

She: arey angooti means a ring.. now give that to me..

Creature: placing the ring in his palm, he stretched it out for sita matha to see.. with all due respect sita matha.. Shree Raam wanted you to see this.. and keep it with you.. He said, He’ll come with the army and save you as soon as possible…

She: taking the ring, she examined it.. it was her Shree Raam’s ring after all.. the creature.. correction –  Hanuman had not lied to her… she looked around hoping none of the gundas had woken up because of this conversation.. she felt elated..

Hanuman: allow me to take your blessings matha, and then with your permission, I shall take leave.

saying this he fell at Her feet and prepared to take leave..when She said HEY…!!

She: arey Hanumaan wait… she removed her hair clip.. and handed it to him.. and laughing she said, now add ‘Choodamani’ to your list.. and don’t mistake it for a fruit..

Hanuman: Smiled at Sita maatha, how peaceful she was, despite her painful position of being held captive in a lost forest, she is able to crack jokes… with that, he climbed the same tree.. and jumped outside the forest and out of sight…

She: still unable to contain her happiness.. lay down and started dreaming of her Shree Raam.. the first time they saw each other in mithila… how he broke the ‘shiv dhanush’ to win her hand…how he… she slept off…




15 responses

18 10 2011
Harish S Ram

maybe the reminder list could have been made better – it wasnt as involving as it should be to feel its funny.

18 10 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

hmmm… i shall work on that point on my next attempt 🙂

19 10 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Ahaa !! 😀 😀 .. Nice one 😀 ..

The Rewriting of the Great Ramayana in Modern Day Terminology by Anni-Yethi 😀

Start from the beginning..There were two kids in Diapers… Ram and Laxman.. they had lots of Cash…. 😀


19 10 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

lols 🙂

22 10 2011
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