Vijayadasami – Navrathri

3 10 2011

Navrathri in itself means galatta time.. the entire process f keeping golu with my mom dad and brother.. getting all friends and relatives come home.. the paatu padungo episode.. sundal eating episode.. keeping thambulam area wise and age wise.. its a whole fun filled power packed 10 days..

the last two days are the best…
second last THE SARASWATHI pooja day.. The day the studying clan celebrates.. because all books are to be kept for pooja.. we are requested not to read.. vera yenna varam venum?? but this day turns out to be boring because, the TV’s dont have anything worthwhile to show apart from the “vijayadasami dhinathandru ungal sun tv yil.. thiraikki vandhu sila natkale aana putham pudhiya nagaichuvai thirai padam.. paapaiya patti mandram.. thirai kannotam, pudhiya padalgal etc” ads… there’l will be some mokkai old film (i do not mean saraswathi sabadham – i like that movie) where the ads take up 3 hours and movie takes the rest of the time in between.

what i love about this is.. the previous day itself.. me and my friends and our moms go to our dance class “KALASAGARA” and start cleaning up the place to decorate it for the grand vijayadasami day.. we dust the place.. sweep.. and put up decor.. our dear Malathy miss also helps and cheers… so yeah.. we tie ribbons up from the roofing.. and wala.. in some time.. the entire place will brim with expression of celebration..! click here
then we all decide what we wear the next day.. dhavani or saree.. and discuss different colors and retire for the day.. by this time it will be past dinner time… so its just about hitting the sack to wake up early and dress up..

and so comes THE DAY.. we all deck up and go to ma’am’s place aka dance class (KALASAGARA) with plates of fruits to offer to our beloved GURU… take her blessings.. wear our salangais and dance 🙂 this is the best part..

after this is the time for house hunting.. all friends share the cars and available two wheeler’s and go to each other’s houses.. sing group songs for the respective golu’s.. get nice gifts and sundal… 🙂

how much i miss 12 ranganathan gardens… :O




3 responses

3 10 2011

nice post on to read it

4 10 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Woaahh….Very different customs and rituals from what we do .. Thanks for sharing..

6 10 2011
Harish S Ram

nice knowing 🙂

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