Tu hai sagar, mai kinara…!

31 08 2011

If you are the sea, I’ll be the shore.. which unfailingly stands by.. bearing all the lashes by the waters of the sea..

It was that night, i was travelling from my in laws place back to where i live now.. it was an 8 hour road.. that night was an undoubted example of what we call patience.. what we call tolerance..

what happened during the travel:
me and Sathya got into the bus.. waved byebye’s to my FIL who had come  to drop us.. and we noticed that.. there was a lady sitting beside a man older than herself.. she was snapping at someone.. seemed to the onlookers that she was snapping at her naughty little son.. but only as we crossed her seat to reach ours did we realize that there was no little boy.. she was snapping at the man sitting next to her. she was special.

the family was sitting in the seats in the vicinity of the lady.. all of them wearing troubled expressions. completely worried that the lady is awake and active.. the road ahead to our destination seemed herculean..!

she was actively snapping at the window, screen, breeze, seat, the man, her mother.. everyone and no one.

we had a seat in the dead last row of the bus.. the road would put a horse ride to shame.. Sathya not having noticed the lady’s situation, got a bit restless and was about to raise his voice when i pointed out. he calmed down..

everyone in the bus was having a tough time with the way the driver was driving and the condition of the road. despite all this if someone manages to catch a glimpse of sleep, they’l be shaken awake by the loud voice of that lady. still no one flinched. I was startled.

the best one was the man sitting beside her. He is worth more than just a mention. not only was the lady shouting near his ears, occasionally he was beaten by her too.. of course she was special and unaware of herself. still what patience.. he dint raise his voice even once. even when she slept on his shoulder, he stayed awake and cared for her.. he dint sleep even a bit.. never flinched even once at her tantrums.

Hats off…..!!he was definitely an example of the rocks by the sea shore that stand unflinchingly no matter how calm or rough the sea is….!

I was touched. i dint manage to catch more than an hour of sleep that night.. i got down with a pounding headache.. still the patience of that man occupied my head.. headache took the backseat.. I was Touched deeply.




2 responses

1 09 2011
Harish S Ram

but porumai kadalinum peridhu 😉

27 09 2011

Nice expression and a very apt title to the post. Keep up the good work.

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