Upon setting my eyes on that *Flower*…!

30 08 2011

It dawned today.. another beautiful day.. as ravishing as it could be… the bright sun painting everything around in bright bold colors.. i got outta bed and walked across my room to the window.. and witnessed the most beautiful thing i had ever seen in that place.. in my opinion it was by far the best creation of the lord almighty.. and most beautiful real life painting painted ever so strikingly by the sun.

I quickly showered and dressed up.. and ran (read flew) to that place… and there stood the most admirable creation.. i went near and circled.. buzzed a little.. hovered to the top… smelt the mesmerizing fragrance.. smiled at the flower and sat on it.. and collected honey.. wished to myself (only if my wife looked so cute) and flew back to the hive.. for today was a busy day.. i had to visit other flowers and collect honey… but still i made a mental note to come by this one whenever possible today…!




4 responses

30 08 2011

That is very nice post.. first para gave a different opinion..!

30 08 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

Thanks KP 🙂 i’m glad that it worked the way i expected it to 🙂

30 08 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Nice one.. 🙂
It indeed draws the reader’s imagination from scenario to another in the blink of an eye


31 08 2011
Harish S Ram

am home honey 😛

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