Kaagaz ki Kashthi

19 08 2011

This story is about me.. i’m Sonu a girl of 23.. I live in Rajkot district of gujrat with my 3 yearold son.. my in laws are in the lilapur village which is some 5 hours from here.. my mother and father live there too.. I live here with my husband Amol who is now away on a trade.. he left 6 weeks back.. and has still not returned… today is 25/04/1960.. and i still await his return sitting at the doorstep holding in my hand the worn inland letter that i received 3 weeks back from him… this piece of paper the first ever letter that he has written to me ever.. it is the most precious thing to me.. i hold it very close to my heart… i read it over 30 times a day even when i know it word for word.. even Anil here knows it well.. since I read it out to him when he eats and it’s time for him to sleep.. and once he has slept.. I lay down beside the lamp and hold the letter out and read it and read it.. again and again till I fall asleep.. and dream of my handsome..

Pyare sonu,

We are in bhavnagar now.. so far we have sold only few of the goods that we brought from home.. Soon after we find a steady channel to sell our goods regularly, we hope to return.
Missing the warmth of our home, the aroma of the food that you make for me with love.. and little anil’s naughty pranks..

Hope you both are doing well.. please go to mamma’s ghar when you feel lonely here.. I’m very sorry for leaving you all alone in the city and coming for trade.

Missing your sweet smile and comforting words… hoping to return home soon.. take care sonu..

Yours forever,

And suddenly I wake up only to find out that once again I was only dreaming of holding his hand and going to the temple nearby.. only dreaming that anil was crying and his loving father was comforting him with funny pranks.. only dreaming that amol was quietly sneaking behind me to see what was cooking on the fire.. only dreaming that it was raining in the neighborhood and he was comforting anil and me from the lightning and thunder dancing scarily around the area.. only dreaming that amol was humming along with me, my favorite tune from chalthi ka naam gaadi.. and so, yet another day has dawned for me to hold on to the kaagaz ki kashthi.. that letter which HE wrote to me and await his return.




5 responses

19 08 2011

interesting story-

20 08 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

thanks sush 🙂

20 08 2011
Harish S Ram

finally you have written in my language 🙂
This is by far the best post of urs i have enjoyed reading.

20 08 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

thanku 🙂

20 08 2011
Rameshwar Murali Manohar

Touching one.. 😦 poor sonu and anil..

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