Thiruvanathapuram VS Agra

18 08 2011

Spoiler: This post is a rant. The views expressed here are meant for the reader not to accuse the author but to put a minute of thought.

There has been hell so much hype about the hidden treasures In the Padmanaba Swamy temple and the government wanting to use THAT to pay the debts In the world bank.. I say what the hell…!! so many thousands of crore’s of money Is being allocated for each sector every budget.. at least If one tenth of that Is put to use where It was meant to be used, we would have better Infrastructure In all of the country. It Is bloody being leached by our brilliant politician community.

ok now leave all that.. we are talking about the hidden rooms of the Padmanaba Swamy temple.. Has anyone thought of exploring the hundreds of HIDDEN ROOMS In the TAJ MAHAL? There has been many mailers coming around that taj mahal was actually a Shiva temple that was conquered and changed Into a tomb for LOVE?

Sheer nonsense…!! I want to tell this to those people who knew to DIG their noses Into the Hindu temple, to get their guts and dig the Taj Mahal too..! I’m not trying to bring a caste problem here.. by telling that, Muslims took our temple and converted It or anything…!! I do not care so much as a rat’s fart whether that place was snatched and converted or anything…!! I’m just asking THE DIGGERS to dig there also…!!

It has been a mystery for quite a long time now..! It’s about time that got unraveled too…!!




5 responses

19 08 2011
Harish S Ram

no1 can touch the minority – this is the case everywhere in the world – the minorty is the majority in any saying!!!

24 08 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Hmm… Interesting.. might make an fascinating fictional novel even if they dont end up digging the Taj ..

Any thoughts on the title ?

24 08 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

On the post’s title? its based on where the temple and the tomb are located 🙂

24 08 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Na, I meant.. Thoughts on the title of a fictional novel if ever one is written on the “Hidden Secrets of the Taj”

24 08 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

The secrets concealed within the rooms unveiled #Taj

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