An appointment with Sri Varalakshmi

14 08 2011

I have no idea when i made this appointment.. but She kept it and made me keep it too… it was fun this friday (the last friday of shravana / aadi maasam) before the full moon day ( avani avittam / rakshabandhan) when the meeting took place.. well so to say.. Varalakshmi ji was the guest of our house…

lemme tell you how we invited her and the stuff that happened during the meeting…
i was so exited about meeting Her.. my saasuma had kept a kalasham (silver shombu – small pot like vessel and a coconut smeared with manjal on top of the kalasham) the kalasham contained rice and other necessary things.. the Kalasham was kept on a platter of rice.. and our Varalakshmi ji’s face like image made of silver was decorated appropriately and kept on the kalasham… we took this to the entrance and invited Her amidst vedic chants… it was lovely…

then the vadhyar came.. he was to guide us through the proceedings of the meeting.. in the mean time.. we engaged Varalakshmi ji with flowers and small talk… then at the stipulated time for the meeting to start.. Vadhyar ji took us through the Sanskrit verses of the conversation with Varalakshmi ji.. and She conversed with us in the most divine language.. the language of LOVE.

once the meeting got over.. we had Varalakshmi ji kindly accept the food that we had prepared for Her to relish after the meeting.. after serving the Divine guest.. we also relished all that was prepared for the day…

all in all.. a lovely appointment.. and quality time spent… Varalakshmi ji… I humbly request you to keep visiting us.. I’ll make special dishes for you each time… πŸ™‚




4 responses

14 08 2011
Harish S Ram

i hope you didnt fall for the manufactured saying tht ppl should buy new idol for the pooja πŸ™‚ varalakshmi vratam is fast becoming like akshaya trithi nowadays la

15 08 2011

May the godess bless your family with all your wishes for prosperity. Can there ever be such heavenly appointments without delicious food? Never… atleast in our India πŸ™‚

18 08 2011

do keep your appointments with v.ji but dont u know that u cant offer as u please u are allowed to offer only what ur m-i-l allows u to offer as she too like all others is bound by unwritten laws of our custom!

8 09 2011
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