The invisible yet profound line in this thing thats called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P”

8 08 2011

Yeah I agree Friends are everything.. a person is poor even if he has all the riches but remains without friends.. but we need to be picky when it comes to whom we choose as our friends.. we may have a whole big sack of names of people whom we know.. big and small.. but we can’t claim all of them as friends.. but yeah we do call all of them friends.. some xyz lends us a pen at the form filling counter.. we end up standing next to each other in the hour long lecture.. and we eat lunch… this person can become our truest friend ever.. better than someone whom we knew for years as our neighbor in the apartment and claimed as our Bestest friend and tied friendship bands for 15 years..!

Friends are people who add color to our life.. so we should be careful while choosing the colors.. for it is in our hands to choose.. we could choose a bulb with a broken filament and fix it and have it with us to cherish and add color.. but we should not hold on to a bulb that flickers…! (mokkaya pocho?? bulb kooda poi compare panniten 🙂

OK Friends whom we choose… all people whom we meet write something into the pages of our life… some friends write hard and leave good imprints.. some write glitters.. but some may write with pens that don’t have ink. result: they leave only imprints (hard enough to tear a few pages). we must be careful in identifying which pens have ink..! I don’t mean to say, pick people who only add color to life.. they maybe people who leave bad colors too.. but its up to us, to find the quality of the pen and make sure at least we fill in some ink of love in it, while they write in our pages…! (again…! cha i think i’m going this way to get slipper-ed by someone Lols)

the corporate world is another place where friendship is a BIG joke.. touch your heart and tell me how many of us have our truest friends in the same project or team.. ok think wider.. in the same organization? I’m sure there cant be even a few of us who raised hands…! Friendship is where 2 people co-exist with only FUN  and happiness they find in each other’s company.. while sharing helping each other where ever possible and whenever possible in what ever possible manner…! there is no place for JEALOUSY among friends.. but think about it.. how many of us have not secretly envied our “friend” when he /  she gets the name for something both of you contributed equally for? just because that person spent 10 minutes extra in the tea time with the lead when you left because you got a call from home?

Think about it… we may have a lot of friends.. it does not count when people are there by your side to celebrate your victory.. it is them who stand to share with you, their smile when you have forgotten that yours exists under your nose…! it is them who supports you when you need that tender ray of hope to believe that there is something that you can still do… it is them who discourage you only to make you stronger… it is them who say, vidra mappi pathukkalam namakkelam aayiram figure madiyum…!! it is them who say, machi nurse semma kattai da.. avasarame illa.. venum na innuru kalayum odaichiko.. na daily unna paaka varen…!!

Cherish THEM…!!



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8 08 2011

Well said and well expressed.

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