Kadhai episode 3

27 07 2011

I’m continuing this after a year.. so for the previous 2 episodes slick here episode 1 and episode 2 I’m gonna continue in Tanglish for convenience..

short recap.. Ponamma’s Halfyearly is going on and Kanamma gets married.

yea so, Ponamma’s halfyearly exam gets over. Kanamma has come to Madras with her husband.. avar-a Velayudham nu koopdalam.. Vel oru MNC ku cab driver-a vela pathutu irukkan.. and he cares for Kanamma like the apple of his eye.. in the mean time kanamma tells him about her sister’s wishes.. and he says adhukenna, 8th illana 10th mudikkatum, we’l get her here and oru nalla polytechnic college la diploma padikka veppom.. adhukulla i’ll also get a better job so that porakka pora namma kolandhaya nalla pathukka mudiyum.

oh yea i forgot to mention, Kanamma is carrying 9 months.

days roll by..

Kanamma and Vel are blessed with a baby girl and they decide to call her Karkuzhali..

Vel was working as a cab driver since he had not gotten a job after his B.Com, his mother’s health conditions forced him to become a cab driver since there was no steady flow of money to cater to her hospital expenses. and in due course she left her earthly abode and went to the skies. so now Vel passes a bank exam and gets appointed as a Clerk.

Karkuzhali becomes 5 years old.. and she’s studying in first standard B section in Alfa Matriculation Hr Sec school.

Ponamma studies hard in her school and gets a district rank in 10th.

As per the promise given to his wife, Vel gets Ponamma an admission in a polytechnic college near the city. she stays in the hostel and studies there.. and she consistently gets good grades and makes her sister proud.

in the mean time, oor la thiruvizha varudhu.. Kanamma decides to go with Vel Karkuzhali and Ponamma..

To be continued..






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