Morning sightings

26 07 2011

Early morning, while we rush to catch the bus to college / office is the time one gets to see all types of sightings on the road.. great fun it is to see all this (not when running to catch your bus.. that is the time for others to laugh at you.. after you have gotten into your bus, you can laugh at others)

top sightings are as follows..

girls with open hair which is half wet..

guys talking on their phones..

colorful flashing tee shirts girls and guys alike..

people running around to catch the bus with laptop bags or lunch bags..

people standing (read cramped into i foot space between hundreds of legs, balancing not to fall off the foot board) in the overcrowded bus

the blessed ones who got a seat, taking a short nap

those jabbering on the phone inside and outside the bus..

the couples standing cuddled up while waiting for the bus..

different varieties of clothes in all sizes and shapes and colors..

bus drivers blasting each other in the traffic..

people who cross the road after signal turns green..

there are many more… but I’ll stop here.. because office is a long drive away and I’m going to join the blessed group to take a nap 🙂




3 responses

29 07 2011
Vidhya Hari

its very nice seetha….ur narration made me imagine the situation very easily n took me there, amidst one of them quickly 🙂 so influential it is 🙂 soooper de…

24 08 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Is this based on Bangalore or Bengalooroooo.. or whatever its called now ?

“cramped into i foot space between hundreds of legs, balancing not to fall off the foot board” – had to go through this.. err… CLOSE experience for a week once in Bangalore…

but i guess this is true for any city in with a large population and public transport by buses

24 08 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

Yeah experienced in bangalore.. as a matter of fact.. any place as u mentioned 🙂

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