First Seat in the Bus… Fun…?

24 07 2011

Haiyyaa… bus la first seat… is it really worth this hype? actually.. sitting in the first seat will give you a handle to the driver’s brain (harry’s handle to you-know-who’s thoughts and stuff) you can feel what the driver feels…

let me tell you how..

the road ahead is empty for several meters… there’s no traffic… the driver goes at  20 Km/Hr and gets on your nerves.. we’ll feel like snatching the accelerator from him and giving it a hard push… why we ask.. thrill they say

the road is super crowded.. ahead of you within a meter’s distance is another bus’ rear.. our driver accelerates at 40 Km/Hr.. just to go closer to that bus and break… why we ask.. thrill they say

special occasions: we are on a moderately busy road and a biker comes along.. instantly our driver feels like his hands are dipped in boiling hot water… he accelerates and goes dangerously near the biker.. and a race starts.. Why we ask.. thrill they say

another notable occasion: we are on a moderately busy road and a biker comes along this time with a person of the opposite sex behind him.. could be a small girl, his GF, Sister, Mother, Elder woman, Grandmother, older woman.. can be ANYONE.. now our driver gets even more exited.. its accelerates so much that the lady freaks out and the biker parks anywhere on the left end and gets some calm..!! why we ask.. thrill they say!

going zig zig zaag like a cyclist is also on of the bus driver’s main items on the agenda.. also driving anywhere that doesn’t fall under the road criteria, scaring the pedestrians is a notable activity.. why we ask.. thrill they say

Govt buses do some of the above, not all… since they have a unique activity to do.. push the people hanging near the foot board by breaking now and then…  but the college buses, office buses stick to the entire curriculum without fail..!




2 responses

25 07 2011
Harish S

try to do a spell check before you post 🙂

25 07 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

DID 🙂 Thanks 🙂

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