Combinations :) YES many are weird

12 07 2011

1. rasam rice with fresh tomatoes + sprouts +  cucumber + carrot (chopped / grated and salted and for that matter any vegetable salad)

2. any rice and gravy with biscuits

3. roti with lemon juice (1 spoon sugar and 4 drops of lemon is the ratio)

4. roti with pankajakasthuri

5. roti and any chocolate (white / dark / normal — not candy)

6. roti with any chutney / thogayal (coconut, pudhina, curry leaves, onion, tomato, etc)

7. roti with any vegetable curry / vathakozhambu / rasam/ sambar / porichakozhambu / kootu (anything that does not fall in the regular roti’s gravy category

8. roti with any sort of pickle (this is not really weird)

9. roti with milk (hot / cold) and sugar

10. roti with plain sugar

11. roti with idly molagapodi and ghee

12. roti with ghee and sugar

13. roti with curd and sugar

14. roti with cough syrup (alfamalt for me)

15. roti and sundal

16. bread with alu-bhujia

17. bread with potato chips

18. roti and mixture

19. plain rice mixed with mixture (mixture sadham)

20. paruppu sadham with curd.

21. roti with mixed  fresh vegetable and pulses salad (salted with a pinch of lemon)

ok there are many more.. when ever i remember.. i’ll update 🙂 🙂

if you wish to add to the list.. add it in the comments section 🙂


i missed this one.

22. roti / adai with cheese spread

23. biscuit dipped partially in water

24. dosa with samba podi and salt mixed with gingelly oil




4 responses

15 07 2011
Ram A

YES many are real weird. Good combination Seetha.

19 07 2011

curd rice / sambar rice / rasam rice with mango
idli n dosa with rasam
upma with peanut butter n sugar
sprouts with oats milk
sugar sprinkled on rasam rice

etc etc…

23 07 2011
Harish S

except 6,7,8 which i have myself, i havent heard of any of these bizarre combos!!!

23 07 2011
Sara Syal

Definitely weird! only you can come up with them!! haha! 🙂

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