Water the elixir of life..!

7 07 2011

This post is an excerpt from a speech i heard ages back..

like we’ve all read before, we can go without food but without water we cant live more than 3 days..

ok now to the topic.. the speech i heard then was in no connection with  water whatsoever.. the topic of the speech was general health. this particular example that was brought out during the course of the speech is what attracted me.

how many of us consciously drink those 8 glasses of water during the day to keep up our body’s fluid balance? 2% of us? ok our lady in the example is also one among us (98% people). she was travelling in a bus for a vacation with her family.. it was a loooong stretch of road and it was excessively hot that afternoon. like all busses, that bus stopped in the middle with fumes rising from the carburetor due to the heat. our lady got a little panicky and went near the driver and inquired about the fumes.. the driver explained the heat and the necessity of filling the carburetor with water.

back in her seat our lady starts pondering on the previous day’s happenings when it suddenly struck her that she had not taken even a sip of water from when she had started from home (averagely 7 hours back) and on an instinct she imagined herself to be the bus – bursting into fumes because her system gets heated up.. well now she gets the point that the body’s tender fluid balance has to be kept.. otherwise our inner systems will also get heated up and may even stop functioning.

it is not necessary that we wait to become thirsty.. we have to keep a bottle and sip water every 10 to 15 mins once. so that we maintain the fluid balance in our body.




2 responses

8 07 2011
Harish S Ram

its important to drink water periodically than drink 8 glasses r whatever that number is. Hope we dont stick by numbers. Good example btw 🙂

15 09 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Woww.. Gives new meaning to “I was literally fuming” (with anger) …

I am one of the always-drinks-lots-of-water-person.

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