First time on a stage “to speak”

26 05 2011

I have been on a stage many times. I’ve never feared a stage ever. At least, i don’t fear contests or going on a stage to dance.. but that was the first time i ever went atop a stage to talk.. to give a presentation in front of a bunch of unknowns (a group of 60 and odd girls fresh in first year college) that too it was no techie talk (not that i know anything to give tech seminars just for a hype the mention is made) i had to make a talk on spiritual use of oneself.

the speech was designed to describe how our body maybe used to help nature and live in harmony, the content had stories and stuff..I felt like a wrecked ship! not to mention, talking (jabbering) is the best thing about me.

i went atop the stage and stood in the podium, my presentation projected on the screen behind me, my team members standing by the side to operate my slides, 60 odd faces expecting me to talk, my view went black…! i was having a mini blackout..!

I prayed quickly and started. I never knew i could flow with so much ease. in no time my monologue speech became interactive (there was nothing to interact with the audience in the way my content was designed). and before i realized, it was all over.

neither did i feel good about it, nor did i feel i had made a mess. i just felt blank when i got off the platform. but the best feeling came when i was walking to the projector to handle slides for my friend’s presentation and out of the blue one girl from the audience called me and said, your an interesting speaker, i enjoyed every bit of what you spoke..!!

I was elated..! by far the best feeling i have experienced about talking…!!

Feelings of Gratitude to that girl…! she helped me go on stage for a second time too…! this time in front of a whole college (400 and odd students and lecturers)




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