My first attempt to make a sweet dish!

19 02 2011

I was all so exited.. i had gotten naga bubbly bubbly maida.. just to see what was so bubbly about it!

OK OK  i’ll come to the point.. that evening, i had decided to make a  sweet. though i dint know to make anything except beetroot halwa (discovered by me accidentally). exited as always, i call my mommy and ask her a recipe for a sweet.. she tells me make maida cake and that it’l be interesting.. i listen to her religiously and get ready to get set go.. imagining hot mysore pak made in krishna sweets to be the outcome.. i mix the 1 2 3 4 ingredients that she told me and load the mixture(imagine light brown semi solid mass of the mixture) in the stove..

flow of events:

1. i’m stirring

2. continue stirring

3. ya continue step 2

4. see if the mixture is giving bubbles, if yes, prick and burst them to pass time, if not continue step 3

5. after playing with the bubbles for a while, i feel the mixture is shrinking (kurugi-fied)

6. spread some ghee on a plate and pour the mixture on it and wait for it to solidify (waiting for the past 7 days in my case)

7. after solidification(which has not happened yet) make small pieces and serve!!

in my case apparently, the mass became a chewy thing ( my hubby chose to call it maida mavu pasai which i made with an evil plot of sealing his mouth)

i cooled it under the fan in bangalore – no use

left it over night – no use

kept it in the fridge (ice beeero) – no use 😦 😦 the mass is still chewy! 😦

so i gave up my hope on it.. i’ll make better pasai next time 🙂 🙂




3 responses

19 02 2011
Harish S Ram

lol … korangu kaila poomala 😛

19 02 2011

lol… am laughin lik crazy readin this…

5 03 2011

Lol seethu 😉 sooo funny 😀 Way to go! I can imagine the outcome of an attempt to make halwa 😉

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