Disadvantages of the Looonnggg bridge in Bangalore

8 02 2011

Disclaimer: the content below is purely the views of the author, no offence meant.

well.. i am one of the software rats that live in bangalore which travels from one part of the city to another to sit for 9 hours clock some work and get back home to be worn out and torn down to be able to do nothing but hitting the sack.

here is something i noticed recently.

there is this superlong bridge that connects silkboard with electronic city. this bridge being called as the electronic city bridge. brushing aside the various advantages, here are a few disadvantages that comes with the bridge:

1. no agents of public transport go on the bridge. the bridge is being made use of only by private vehicles (no idea why)

2. though there is a service area in atleast 2 places on the bridge, it is of no major use, people may just make use of it like an inbetween resting area while covering the long distance.

3. by no means can you call for help when your atop the bridge, even if you manage to do so, it will be a long time by the time help arrives

4. there are no emergency phone booths which can atleast be made use of to call an ambulence

5. if your vehicle stops mid way, you have no choice but to push it all the way till either end of the bridge

6. all the vehicles are in such great speed when on the bridge for there is nothing to control the speed, though, the bridge was meant too cut the traffic below and reach the other side asap, people who fly on the bridge wont even have the kinda time to see a person wounded (if at all)

7. a silly scenario: u and ur mate are riding the bike on a bike on the bridge and you happen to have an argument. what if your mate strands you on the bridge and goes away in anger? how will you possibly come down? by walk? by a weak chance, what if you have no cash? no mobile? how will you even call your mate and say sorry yaar now come and take me down??

i think this is some food for thought for us rats.



4 responses

8 02 2011
Harish S Ram

ha ha … d last point has so many grey areas apart from the b&W 😉

8 02 2011
SeethaLakshmi Ramachandran

aah wat?

8 02 2011

Point 3 – in which part of India do we have an emergency response system that responds and reaches you in minutes? why you are so specific about ERS at this bridge alone?

FYI… There are even longer bridge in India….

Point 4 – when one can afford to pay 50/100 bugs to get on to the bridge, we can safely assume they also have a mobile.. You need to look at the operating cost and the returns of such Emergency phones… The unattended Emergency phone may be broken or stolen purposefully by our fellow countrymen or countrywomen !!!! if i take your point 7, the Emergency phone would be the target to let out the anger, frustration, revenge !!!! lol !!

Point 5 – Do we have any towing agency in Bangalore.. if so one should call them and wait till they come to support you… but your choice of pushing the vehicle is obviously a better and cost effective choice. l like it !!!

Point 6 – Its not time, but the heart to help others in emergency that matters !
after all, we are humans isn’t it !!

Point 7 – ha ha ha…. Good scenario… so the solution is to keep the lip tight till one crosses the other end of the bridge !! lol !!

19 02 2011
Harish S Ram

enamo enaku anda bridge la una yaro eraki vida pathangalo nu thonuthu 😛

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