In a newbie’s eyes – Bangalore

11 12 2010

A place to admire.. well for a guy, there are a million things that are attractive in bangalore.. for a girl… this a place where ishtyle rules..!! oru kulur ku adakkamana sweatter la yevlo ishtyle pa…!! pantla ishtyle sattai la ishtyle.. yeppa sami..!

yenga yepo pathalum people walking around… retired makkal karthala scarf kattikitu walking pogaradhu.. small and big shops lined up with small and big people.. school kids smartly draped in skirt and matching sweat shirts.. IT guys walking around with tags and mobile phones..

A/C bus, otta bus.. yella type busses-um bussu bussu nu ingayum angayum poitu poitu varudhu… type type-a yethana bike..!! area fulla guys standing in every corner smokin… oru velai, oor la irukkaradhu pani illa, cigarette pogai thano nu yosikkara alavukku almost yellar vailayum pogai…! andha pogai avangala pathadhula, yen kadhula varudhu..!!

A quick glimpse of all races in Hindustan can be witnessed here.. oor ku bangalore nu per vekkaradhuku sample nu per vechi irukkalam.. name a state of India and you can see at-least 5 people here…!! walk along any main road in the morning hours, in 10 days you can survive in any state in India.. ella language lendhum basic words grasp pannikkalam…!!

all in all… A place where strong deodorants and detergents will have a failing market.. enna than irundhalum, madarasa pattinatha adichikka mudiyadhu πŸ™‚ missing chennai…!!



2 responses

11 12 2010
Harish S Ram

sorgame endralum adhu nam-oora pola varuma πŸ˜‰

11 12 2010

Akkaraikku ekkarai Pachai….

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