23 08 2010

What does this word bring to our mind?

Mallu festival.. girls clad in mundu.. flower kolam.. saddhi.. and ofcourse the Mahabali story.

Mahabali story in short: A demon king who is heavy in the head – performs yagam and decides to give anything to any one who approaches him – folks go and get money,  riches, land, herds of horses, elephants, etc – a small made man ( God in disguise) approaches him and asks for land that amounts to 3 steps taken by his little feet – brushing aside the objections from his raja Guru (shukracharya), Mahabali grants the guest his wish –  The small made man changes form and becomes Maha Vishnu – within 2 feet measures the entire bhoomi and aakash were taken – he asks Mahabali where to place the third measure – Mahabali realises the magnitude of the Greatness of the Lord, surrenders to Him and asks Him to place the third measure on his head and asks for a last wish – Maha Vishnu kindly obliges – Mahabali expresses his wish to return to bhoomi on that day every year and visit the folks of his kingdom – Thus Onam is celebrated with great Pomp and Show to show Mahabali every year,  that his folks are enriched with wellness and are as prosperous as they were when he left them.

Onam aasmashagal to all 🙂 🙂




2 responses

23 08 2010
Harish S Ram

thanks for the information …. i didnt know tht it was show off function though i know d mahabali story 😀

9 09 2011
Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

Same to you.. Enjoy Maadi.. 🙂

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