Shall i tell you a secret??

26 06 2010

Its 3Pm, sudha and madhu are walking out of their history class.. slowly they  collect their items and leave the school gates.. all the way they were discussing that days happening in their class.. suddenly sudha pipes, “hey shall i tell you a secret??” and madhu immediately starts listening,

sudha:you know what? girls in my class are telling that, the locked up room behind the auditorium is haunted…!!

madhu: jokeing no?

suha: hey no di.. really my class girls are saying.. and itseems some even went and saw..

madhu: this is surely a lie

sudha: hey why don’t we both go check it out tomorrow?

madhu: ok.. i’l come. but only because you are calling.. lets go alone.. lets not take any one else.. we’l go and investigate for ourselves

sudha: hey thanks ya.. i wanted to go and prove them wrong.. i am sure they are playing TheFool with me

madhu: ok tomorrow morning we start early and look into this before going to class

sudha: ok fine

with this they take their cycles and ride home….

***********tomorrow morning************

sudha: madhu..? hey madhu…!

madhu: coming..

sudha: ready a? shall we go?

madhu: Maaa, im leaving with sudha, she has to copy some notes in history…

madhu: ya ready come…!

maa: ok ma be careful. bye madhu, bye sudha…!

and they reach school in a matter of 2 minutes since its 6 30Am and there is no traffic..

parking their cycles they rush to their class, put their bags, and meet near the auditorium.

sudha: hey i’m so exited yaa

madhu: shhh we have to keep our ears and eyes open, come

sudha: ya ok..

and they walk towards that room.. there’s a gentle breeze and absolute silence except for the ruffle of the trees..

they both approach the room… and peek through the window..


sudha? madhu? what in the name of god are you both doing here so early in the morning

Sudha & Madhu: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh….!

Sudha & Madhu: you idiot jaya! you scared us beyond words…! why did you come here..?

jaya: i came to collect my notebook di… maths test is there i remembered it in the morning only.. i left my classwork notebook here in the audi yesterday during the culturals.. so came to get it.. thats when i noticed you both walking so secretly… what is it??

madhu: in sudha’s class it seems thay are telling that this room is haunted.. and i wanted her to understand that there is nothing like that..

jaya: oh that a?

sudha: hey you also know a?

jaya: thats nothing di.. they are simply telling stories, even i believed at first.. then i went and saw.. there’s nothing.. just and old left out room.. they dint open it for long and its just being used to keep brooms.. thats why its like this

madhu: sudha? enough a?

sudha: ya di.. now only i’m relaxed..

jaya: you want to see that room a?

madhu: ya di

jaya: ok come..there’s an entrance for it from the audi.. its not so scary after all

all three go and see the room…

madhu turns to call jaya… but…

jaya has vanished….?




2 responses

27 06 2010

idhellam anyayam… 1st oru story arambichitu adha otutu… adhukula inunu… seets – ozhunga rendu kadhayum mudi seriya?! 😉

28 06 2010
Harish S Ram

aval parandhu ponnale 😀

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