Talking to the plants :)

15 03 2010

Its a nice feeling to talk to the plants.. they listen to you no matter wat.. not meaning they don’t have a choice given that they are fixed to the ground and can’t run away. plants respond to stimulus.. not only the “touch me not” plant (mimosa pudica) all plants invariably respond to us if we interact with them.. its a nice feeling to talk to them. if we water the plants rather than using a sprinkler even if the sprinkler gives a better deal of water and gives it all the time, the plants are happier.. if we spend time with them, they grow faster and a lot fresher..

ok now here’s something i observed.. there was a small jasmine plant in my house, a very tiny plant.. i took care to water it personaly every night.. within a month it bore flowers (1 flower a day but still flower) same with the vethalai plant.. it climbed all 3 floors within a month!

plants need not always listen to what we say.. some times they are stubborn too.. there was a plant which was supposed to bear yellow flowers.. for about a year, even when we religiously watered it every day, it never gave even a bud. we changed the soil, manured it why even spoke to it. it was an all season plant which made us get even more curious. then in summer, we found out what the plant actually needed.. it wanted some one to show it to bear flowers! can you believe that plant dint now that it had to bear flowers until another plant showed it.. only when the tree next to it was filled with flowers did my plant come to know that it could bear flowers too 🙂 then came the first bud, then next and after that the plant gives atleast 1 flower a day.

Plants do listen to us if we speak to them.. we can pour out to them our problems or worries and go and feel relieved. thou the plants dont give us a reply, we feel so relieved that the solution seeks us almost in no time..!

Be it plants or trees, they react positively to encouragement.. like it comes in the maza add? “naan unna ivlo varshama thanni oothi valathu irukken, nee enakku oru mampazham tharamatiya? Dhrogi!!”
the trees actually responds to us.

My mama had a murunga maram which never gave murunga kai not even flowers in 10 years. it required my mama to go and talk with it for 1 whole hour! he shouted at the tree accused it and then made peace with it.. and returned. in 2 months, the tree was full of murunga kai’s and that season almost the entire village ate only mama’s murunga kai’s

Plant a seed.. watch it grow.. speak to that plant,  it’ll be your best friend.. always available for you..!
Its such a pleasure…!!




4 responses

15 03 2010

Plants do respond to stimuli.. Human Interaction is important. Good post!

15 03 2010

Good post! ya they respond to us.
I had a very similar experience with a Mango tree
I love to spend time among plants.. has soul healing power 🙂

15 03 2010

Man! ur uncle Rocks! 🙂 talkin to a Murunga Maram for 1 hour!
n u go cry to ur plant wenever u r sad? tats even cooler! 😉

15 03 2010
Harish S

d seasoned plant bore flower only after the tree next to it did because a tree has more changes of pollination than plant and thus whn tree creates that opportunity the plant get affected too …

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