We can not wake ppl who act like they are sleeping…!!

21 01 2010

Here again i’m penning about irresponsible “Grown ups” damn we’ve become so careless.. we care for just nothing at all. as the saying goes, one can just not wake a person who’s faking to be asleep. Ok this is something i noticed and it disturbed me. I cant go and stop anyone or teach at least i can express what i feel at least make people who read this think even if not do.

All rest rooms at least in corporate organisations, provide a tissue roll. I’m not detailing on what that tissue is used for but on how carelessly its wasted. If you see the image there, the tissue from the roll is hanging till the floor, little do we realize that the next person who walks into the toilet expects the same hygiene like we do..

What does the next person do, he/she will tear the roll till where ever its exposed, discard it and use some more at their convenience. Now that much amount of paper tissue is wasted. We campaign all over the country “Save trees save trees” and what are we doing to save them actually? aiding in cutting more? there’s no point planting a sapling when we are indirectly cutting the trees.
Fine thats personal hygiene now take a look the picture in the top left corner. That is a dust bin and now if you take a closer look, there’s the same tissue lying there wasted. Its lying there as neat as it was when in the roll, not used, not even crumpled! what i’m trying to say is, tissue is not something you just rip an throw whilst doing what you went inside for. Its kept there with a purpose. if its not of use to you, don’t waste it. Some one else can make use of it if you don’t! its not your duty to rip and throw it there every time you visit the place. If your using it at least to wipe your hand, its fine. Don’t mindlessly waste!
I cant stop any of you out there from using or wasting tissue, thats perfectly up to you. But at least take a minute and give it a thought.



3 responses

22 01 2010
sulo badri

thats right buddy! this is not the only instance where we see the wastage.. 😦 its lik "thirudanai parthu thitrundhavital thirutai ozhika mudiyathu"

23 01 2010

romba feel panni yezhudirka … could have reduced ur anger and increased more points 😀

10 03 2010

seriously… u even kno how much paper gets wasted as question n answer sheets n photocopies of notes n stuff like dt??? Anga thappu perusu ma… try dere… Don b an anniyan where a small thappu happens

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