Public transport

1 01 2010

The MTC bus has almost become an integral part of life… every day begins with a hassle to catch the bus on time.. which never happens… i always have to run behind it and board it when its on the move..

Its a whole new world inside the bus..people of all sorts and sizes push you here and there moving in and out, the conductor shouts out the name of the place, his whistle shrieks, people pass money calling out where they’ve to go from one end of the bus to the other, guys in the foot board make comments about every thing under the sun, the guy near the window keeps spiting out helping singara chennai to develop, ladies jabber about everything and nothing to each other, a whole dozen school kids stand calm amidst this, another dozen BUSY people create cacophony using their mobile phones adding more noise to the already noisy bus, the driver hits the break and accelerator every time he inhales, making all in the bus fall on each other adding to the already existing confusion.. with many clicking their tongues and some adding cha shoe kaala vechu midhichutan! arive illa.. indha driver oru madayan break a medhuva pudikkave theriyadhu!!
Bus travel… a pleasure in its own right…..!



3 responses

1 01 2010

welcome to my world šŸ™‚ u missed out ticket less travel … i mean ppl like me šŸ˜€

3 01 2010
sulo badri

i can totally relate… xcePt d last line šŸ˜›

10 03 2010

Hey… how come u so diplomatically avoided al d perverts in d bus???

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