31 10 2009

Coffee… mm mm a strong refreshing smacky coffee starts my day… with out that beverage, something is jus not complete.. when some thing is sought after or i’m analyzing, my coffee is my pal… when it rains at night, oh its the ultimate company! who doesn’t like to gaze out of the window experiencing the mild sprinkle of the rain outside whilst sipping hot coffee from our mugs… or it be IM with friends around 2am at night having a coffee.. makes my thoughts drift to school days! coffee is best when i have to discuss something.. whether i drink it or not, the refreshing aroma itself makes the conversation long and good.. we might have started somewhere and would have digressed an gone else where.. and only when the coffee becomes cold or when the waiter comes to clean our table do we realize the passage of time.. coffee.. i can still feel its aroma thou i’m not sipping from a mug right now…




One response

10 03 2010

School? U drank coffee when u were at school itself…. I stil take maltova nly 😛

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