26 09 2009

This blog is not gonna say yoga is this and that an ancient art preserved bla bla.. this is the usual stuff everyone can lay their hands on in any book or online.. im gonna pen stuff which one may feel is beneficiary.

wats is the purpose of doing yoga.. or why do ppl do yoga.. its not for peace of mind. peace comes in from each one’s outlook.. only each of us can feel it from within, it cannot be given by another like a gift.. ok where yoga comes in is.. it makes you relaxed. basically because the movements are slow unlike most others where the movements are fast.. im not hinting here that other forms are bad.. im jus saying yoga is good.. doesnt make you tired makes you feel more fresh an filled with energy. when you are energetic, you can do more work then wat your doing right now.. hence comes a satisfaction and hence the peace of mind.
a note on losing or gaining weight.. this art works both ways.. if a person is flabby.. it tones up the muscles and makes you trim..on the contrary if a person is famished an skinny they’ll feel more hungry and will tend to eat… all in all makes a person healthy (neither flabby nor skinny).
when to practice… you mite have heard that its best to do it in the early morning this and that.. the main reason being.. the early morning and the time of sunset the climate is naturally cool and breezy.. and since one tends to sweat while yoga is being practised, a lot of air is good… and for doing pranayama (breathing) a good flow of air is necessary. when the sun comes up.. the climate is hot, we sweat a lot and don’t gain the intended amount of energy.
ok the intention of this blog was to actually reach out to you.. i’m conducting yoga classes. for details mail me at “purpleflowers_kr (at) yahoo(dot)co(dot)in”



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28 09 2009

hahaha t same stuff in t books in t end rofl :p

10 03 2010


Nothin else comin!

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