the entire road saw us like we were nuts!

23 07 2009

Yeah its one of my topsy turvy experiences again! me and 2 of ma frns walked out, and came near vani mahal.. we were supposed to get a share auto to anna nagar.

a little peek into the past… i’m used to getting share autos from rountana to nilgiris with my frnd who goes near the depot.. and 2 other friends go til mogappair.. so those 2 take the golden flats share auto and i take anna nagar west with the other girl..

this was imprinted in my head.
a share auto appears – the 2 with me dint know to read tamil (as if i’m a tamil pundit, yet i knew to join alphabets) – i read golden flats and murmered “Po da i wont come in ur auto” while waving No to the driver guy..
only after it picked speed all of us realised that all our destinations were before thirumangalam which either share auto would have to pass thru..
it took a minute for this fact to sink in.. an the 3 of us started giggling like mad at this.. and the passers by looked at us like as thou we lost our screws in the top floor :O only they dint know wat happened that we were laughing so hard šŸ˜€




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10 03 2010

??? Serious mokka???

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