The Dustybin

17 06 2009

One morning three workers gather in a clearing, bright and crisp. One mixes cement, water and necessary materials and the other two help him and they are all set to launch a brand new dustbin. They built it wide, round and detached from the ground for emptying purpose, set a board “use me” in front of it directing people to USE it and left the place. Afternoon shone, passers by littered the dustbin, some inside but mostly outside. The municipal garbage van cleaned up the place every night readying our hero to take fresh garbage every morning. On and on, as the days rolled by, our hero stood unflinching in the dust, heat, noise, rain and other disturbances quietly accepting and putting up with the garbage thrown in and around it.

One fine morning two men walking past our hero, complained about how unclean he was and how he was a breeding place for mosquitoes and flies thus aiding the spread of diseases. Our hero wanted to desperately shout, “I ain’t the one aiding the spread of diseases, U ARE!! Its not my fault if you people don’t use me properly! I don’t have hands to clean up the mess you create around me!” but alas, in vain.
Morning turned to noon and slowly dusk set in. Whilst our hero awaited his cleaning committee, his ears picked up the distant sobs of a woman, and stood silent waiting trying to pick out his options from the roadside florist, the maid of the big house and the aaya working in the school.

Finally our hero spotted, further down the street around a corner a young mother, with an infant in her arms. There was something about her that struck our hero as very odd. Sobbing gently she chides the child:

Fate has played its role,
I’m forced to part with my soul,
You are to reach a goal,
In this evil world so foul,

She then raised herself and walked towards our hero continuing:

I part with you with a heavy heart,
Leaving you in the world which taught me a lot,
Hoping that you will face the strife,
May God bless you my little child.

Our hero was able to hear the increasing pitch of the sobs as she slowly neared him. The wailing stopped suddenly. Our hero looked up to find the lady bending over him with the child and in a trice quickly drops the baby on our hero’s lap and flees the place.
Our hero shouts “hey! Hey! Hey! Lady! Come here! Your baby is crying! Come back!!” but in vain. So he carefully aligns himself to make it more comfortable for the little one despite the dirt and awaits the cleaning committee hoping that some angelic soul will come to rescue our hero’s new possession.
A distant rumble pacifies the wild heartbeat of our hero and “tada” the cleaning committee has arrived. As expected, the members express grief and shock on seeing the baby whilst cleaning the place. Amidst all this, one of the ‘gang’ pipes in “I haven’t had a baby so far”. So saying, he lifted the baby from our hero’s lap and remarks, “My wife will be extremely glad to keep this baby and raise it.” Our hero beamed in happiness for his prayer was answered! He praises the almighty requesting for more of such blessed souls on earth!!




5 responses

17 06 2009

Somewhat…. !@#$%^&*((*&^%%$##@!!

17 06 2009
sulo badri

nice post.. 4m wher did u think of such a topic…

16 01 2010

but our poor hero is not attended to in the strory 😦

7 03 2010

but happiee ending no? appro enna?

10 03 2010

Hero daana??? No villi Item gal n al?

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