4 06 2009

Some one suggested that if we were to remove the RAM chip and place it again, the speed will be better (innocent me i believed it completely). so one fine day, i settled with screw drivers and nuts to RAM the system. I removed the Ram chip and wiped it clean.. it was slightly dusty inside the CPU also.. so i dusted the interior clean (CPU cleaning and interior decoration) then comes the actual movie

lights camera action::
move 1: i took the RAM chip
move 2: i peeped inside the CPU box
move 3: i found the socket (yay)
move 4: i place the chip in the socket
move 5: i put the socket clips
move 6: i switched the power ON…

PUFF PUFF PUFF smoke comes out of the CPU… hurriedly i took a look inside… patha, the RAM chip was fixed upside down, it was melting and emitting smoke.. semma state!!! dad mom all shocked.. NO reaction absolutely!!!

We bought a new RAM chip (1 gb) ha ha :):)




5 responses

5 06 2009

Arey, isne tho iske RAM chip ka "Ram naam satya hai" kar diya…ab tho Ram ji hi is seeta ko bacha sakthe hain 😉

17 06 2009

first it was the this…God bless u wit some sense..

17 06 2009
sulo badri

adi pavi… i pity ur prnts.. adanga mataya…

18 06 2009

i'd like to kno who this crazyg33k is..

10 03 2010

I’d like to kno y u want smoke comin outa everthin u touch… poor hubby of urs!

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