A pinch of heat and a dash of smoke!

21 05 2009

God save the readers! πŸ™‚
Ok this is the first ever time i’m blogging… not that now i know how to.. jus that i thot i’d giv it a try πŸ™‚ don mind the texting language used πŸ˜‰

To start with, i’m penning wat happened at home yesterday! me and the microwave were in our best terms… me and the oven were cook sm popcorn cauz i was bugged from staring at my book which was supposedly studying! i put all wat i found in the kitchen rack into the “plastica container” closed it and stuffed it inside after removing the glass base ( i forgot that plastic melts in the exitement)

in 4 mins time… a little smoke started coming out.. which i realised only after the anger and confusion in my mom’s face struck me… we cut the current and opened the oven…

Puff!!! large volumes of smoke emanate from inside — mommy’s face wild — 2 mins time — she gets the glove and pulls the container out — we see carbon black sticking in the base of the plastic container ans smoke is still coming — melted plastic sticking to the base of the oven and the container looks like melted cheese on pizza (yuck) (yumm – imagined) — at this minute of climax comes the major twist — mom burst out laughing trying to pull the melting plasitc out of the oven! — me in super state of shock not knowing whether to join or to continue the “shocked” act or change expression??? — then we took out the tripod kinda thing out and tried pulling the plastic from it — mega shock when even that broke :O




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