Nethra’s Fashion Boutique|Quilled Kid’s Collection

17 07 2014

flowercollage pin collage b collage blue

Nethra’s Fashion Boutique|Quilled Temple Jewellery

14 07 2014

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Nethra’s Fashion Boutique | Completed Orders | Quilled Jhumkas

10 07 2014
Quilled Jhumkas

Thanks a Tonne For the Wonderfu Orders.. We had Great FUN Handcrafting them 🙂 🙂

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complete 2 complete


Nethra’s Fashion Boutique | Quilled Jhumkas

10 07 2014

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Nethra’s Fashion Boutique | Quilled Jhumkas

8 07 2014

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Nethra’s Fashion Boutique

8 07 2014

Folks so this is a new crative initiative.. and for once its not mokkai 🙂 check out the page and if you like it place orders to

i’ll upload the product codes shortly.

Blazing heat Enchanting Sights

2 10 2013

Wow.. what eyes man.. dey Praveen.. did u see that girl in yellow tops?? she was in that mogappair to DMS share auto da.. cha.. yesterday only i noticed her.. so cute.. not even kajal in her eyes.. so simple looking she is.. yet so captivating da..! Dey shiva enna da vitta sathvikam bayanakam nu padayappa range la solluva pola?? cha illa praveen.. i’ll show you tomorrow.. she’s nothing compared to them.. real beauty da.. apdiye i feel transported to some heaven for those few seconds as the share auto comes near the depot and moves from there.. i should come tomorrow also to see if she comes.. even if there is lot of work, i’ll come.. its upto you to join me or not.

Shiva comes the next day and the next and then it becomes a routine for him.. daily he comes almost at the same time.. pah.. what a sight.. one afternoon she was laughing so hard at some joke her frends must have told her.. what a feast to his eyes.. never did the girl notice his presence in the crowded depot nor did he make any attempt to show her his presence.. Shiva is a gentleman.. Thou he was himself an eligible bachelor, he thought, just like how his parents were searching a life partner for him, her parents maybe searching too.. why unnecessarily intervene in between now and spoil the whole movie.. life was good as it is looking at her everyday was enough to get him thru for the day and keep his sleep deep at night.. little did he know about the twist fate was about to play on him in the next few weeks..!

after  2 weeks:

Shiva.. dey Shiva..konjam inga va da.. we have settled on 2 matches for you.. your uncle has seen all required nakshatram details and has settled on 2 girls.. please see the photos and tell us which you prefer.. this is your life so i’d suggest you speak to the girls and decide and not with the photos.. apram why ma you are showing me these pics.. just tell me their names.. let me decide where we go first.

one girl is Raji and the other is lalitha.. ok lalitha comes first ma.. i kinda feel more inclined to that name now.. lets go.

and so they start and proceed to lalitha’s house on the date agreed by the 2 families.. once they entered and settled with the greetings and hellos the next part was the PONNU PATHUFYING scene.. lalitha’s father asked her mom to send lalitha.. she entered with a bold walk yet with so much faminity and grace.. thou she held her head up.. her eyes were still gazing below eye level.. That was it.. when she entered shiva was out of his world unable to express his joy.. he was on cloud nine… he was literally jumping in his was the same girl whom he used to see everyday in the share auto..

Then they met and spoke and spoke a lot.. and after rides in the share auto after their engagement and frequent hangouts ensured they got pretty close.. and then they got married and lived happily ever after 🙂

Inception in Retro Round

19 09 2013

Hillarious post..! Very vivid imagination indeed..!

From the Kitchens of Indraprastha

13 09 2013

I So loved this post.. Max Da Vinci.. Bhai you rock..!!


Microsoft acquires Nokia

4 09 2013

My first reaction when i heard this was OH GOD WHY?!?!? ok yeah Nokia lost its can of red bull while struggling to cope with new android devices from its former easy competition Samsung.. tell me which was the most popular brand when we were in college? turn around everyone had nokia and nokia only..! so many types yet we all sported a nokia phone..

right from a 2100 to a 1100 ( THE BEST PHONE EVER MADE – withstands basically any kinda mortal attack – its got 3 turtles’ life span in its build) 6600’s were our first smart phones.. N-series Mobiles.. they are so nostalgic.. most of my sweetest memories in college were caught and frozen in the memory cards of my N72 (i’m sure most of my coll friends would agree with this). 5300Express Music was one of the best touch mobiles i’ve had.. also the Awesome X6.. Nokia the name brings only its quality and value for price..! thou we shelled out few thousands by practically tearing our wallets (dad’s wallet – since we were in college) the mobiles are long standing.. and has the best damage withstanding capability when compared to any other brand..!

I love Nokia’s sincerity for Symbian OS (well thats the first Mobile operating system we’ve seen) but when android came in and samsung roared above all other brands in mobile pricing and varieties.. and since newer android versions and applications with improving user ease and comfort kept raining like an endless storm, Samsung gained more and more momentum.. while there is standard compeition from Apple, it has been nokia (vs) samsung mostly.. it is a big world war…! and then came Nokia again with a bang.. it had a microsoft OS.. thou its was amazing, samsung had already taken over most of the world.. only people who could afford to tear their pockets and who had true love for nokia no matter what, went back to it..but the price range and availability of samsung mobiles with android OS was super vast when compared to Nokia’s come back popularity..!

and now microsoft acquires Nokia for revenge..! well okay.. i dont wanna comment about it.. it is quite ‘bleh’ for me.. not feeling any specific feelings.. just mixed.

personally I love Nokia phones.. Their hard withstanding capability for my butter fingers.. and my click the scene away attitude.. Nokia’s the best..! hope it comes back with a bang 🙂



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